From Our Deputies

In these brief videos, deputies to General Convention share their reflections about this experience that comes once every three years.
The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, assisting bishop of our diocese, reflects on Cuba's return, worship, legislation and connecting with friends, new and old.
The Rev. Gwynn Lynch, interim rector of Grace, San Marcos, shares about racial reconciliation, prayer book revision, the public witness to gun violence, our church's commitment to inclusion, church polity, and the Way of Love.
The Rev. Brenda Sol, rector of St. Andrew's, Encinitas, served as an alternate deputy. She shares about how our church moves toward greater inclusivity through the passed resolutions, Cuba's return and more.
The Rev. Colin Mathewson, co-vicar of St. Luke's, North Park, discusses prayer book revision, Cuba, the revival, his visit to the Hutto Detention Center, and our system of governance with checks and balances.
Deputy Craig Noble from Good Shepherd, Bonita highlights the Saturday night Revival, Cuba's return, and the order and structure of the convention.
The Rev. Alex Nagy, associate rector of St. Andrew's, Pacific Beach, speaks about the power of representation at the General Convention.
Deputy Hanh Tran from St. Peter's, Del Mar, speaks about what General Convention is and her experience.
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Top Stories from Episcopal News Service
ENS has a team of reporters covering every aspect of General Convention. Following are links to some of their articles: more are  here . (Click on the headlines to read the articles.)

The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops voted unanimously on July 10 to admit – or re-admit, really – the Episcopal Church of Cuba as a diocese of the Episcopal Church. The Diocese of Cuba will become part of Province II.

The House of Bishops on July 10 adopted a proposal for what it calls “liturgical and prayer book revision for the future of God’s mission through the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement.”

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry brought a rousing “God is love and gives life” message to Episcopalians and others gathered here during a revival to standing ovation after standing ovation every time he told the crowd to live. “The only reason to be born is to live,” said Curry. “God wants us to have life … God wants all of his children to have life ... God wants you to live. God wants us to live. Got wants this world to live … live, live, live.”

When Native Alaskan Bernadette Demientieff took the stage in front of a joint session of the 79th General Convention assembled for the final TEConversation on July 10 she didn’t so much give a presentation, as scheduled. Instead, she testified in a trembling voice to the destruction of the Gwich’in way of life.

The opening Eucharist of the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church on July 5 included lively music in many styles, communion for thousands of people and a sermon by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calling on members of the Episcopal Church to embrace spiritual practices that can help lead them to a Jesus-centered life. (Resources for the spiritual practices Curry suggested are  here . The full text of his sermon is  here .)

The House of Deputies voted July 5 by overwhelming majority in favor of creating a system for paying its president for the work of the office, in recognition of how that work has expanded significantly over the past several decades.

About two dozen clergy and lay leaders gathered the evening of July 9 at the 79th General Convention to bear witness to the gun violence they have experienced in their lives, share their frustration at the inability to curb the death tolls from guns and listen for steps they can take to end gun deaths and injuries.

Roles at GC79

People from our diocese served in the following capacities:

  • #3 Safeguarding and Title IV – Polly Getz
  • #4 Governance and Structure – Andrew Green and Butch Glosson
  • #7 Social Justice and International Concerns, Bishops' Chaplain – Katharine Jefferts Schori
  • #10 Congregational and Diocesan Vitality – Colin Mathewson
  • #16 Churchwide Leadership – Polly Getz
  • #23 Certification of Minutes – Judy Brown
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