Desert Jewel Institute
March, 2016

The more resources we have, the more resilient we can become and then the greater our possibilities. That's what I have been stressing in my book: Living Hope - Steps to leaving Suffering Behind, and in the workshop that goes with it: 7 Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind.

Try a few of the personal awareness tools listed below. Each empower you to more thoroughly know yourself. You'll read about your intuitive tendencies, identify if you're introverted and know more of your purpose.
Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge empowers.

1. See Dan Millman's book The Life You Were Born to Live - A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose
Then use his number system to determine your birth number and learn about your life purpose. His explanation for each birth number has helped many come to new realizations about themselves. This system leads to enlightening insights.

2. Take a Myers-Briggs online personality test (free).  

a. How was it helpful for you? Anything new, surprising or confirming.
b. What % of the population is like you?
c. How do you feel about what it says about you?

3. Take Howard Garner's multiple intelligences test.
Discover your learning style. Are you tuned into science, math and music or more interpersonal? It helps explain how we learn and what appeals to us.


Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Desert Jewel Institute