Desert Jewel Institute
November, 2015

As I prepared to share excerpts from my new book at the launch party on September 16, 2015 the theme of the book, Living Hope -- Step to Leaving Suffering behind jumped out at me: Suffering Can Lead to Peace.
Living Hope tells how I found my way from suffering to peace and shows others a way too. The trauma of living through a house fire and later through abuse an a dysfunctional violent home brought about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in me.
Today PTSD frequently enters the news as it affects war veterans.  Because if effects so many non vets I thought it might be helpful to give some information about it here.
PTSD can mean developing hypervigilance, depression, anxiety, reliving the event, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, a sense of a limited future and much more.
In children, a traumatic even is described as experiencing or witnessing a life threatening event:
  • If the child is young at the time.
  • If the child recently lost a loved one.
  • If the child experiences multiple events.
We also know it occurs more often for African Americans and Hispanic Americas.
It also affects woman more often than men.  

The point Living Hope makes is that Suffering Can Lead to Peace. No matter how awful our life experience is or was, we can still thrive. We can get professional help. We can learn self-care skills.  We can use spiritual practices to heal.

There is a way out.


Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Desert Jewel Institute