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 November 2018
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     It's tough to compete with the mostly terrible news and white-hot US politics for your attention. Nevertheless, I'd like to focus on one of my favorite subjects: The critical importance of design in a product's commercial success.

     I offer 3 quick reads.

Design is Now a C-Suite Topic

A groundbreaking new study by McKinsey & Company has attached some surprising numbers to the importance of design in corporate performance. For example: "After analyzing 2 million pieces of financial data and 100,000 design 'actions' - deliberate attempts to make design a more prominent part of business - for 300 public companies over a five-year period, McKinsey found that those with the strongest commitment to design and the most adept execution of design principles had 32% more revenue and 56% more total returns to shareholders. This finding held true across three separate industries: medical technology, consumer goods, and retail banking."
Not bad, huh? The study lays out four metrics predictive of design impact. A summary is available on
The DNA of Design & Development
David Robson, a D&D expert with 30 years of experience in contract development of medical devices, has nicely laid out the essentials of D&D success in a recent column in Medical Product Outsourcing.
David's article hits the nail on the head, in my view. It's a worthy read.
My Own Take on Design

I've been researching, designing, developing, documenting, positioning, pitching and commercializing new products my entire professional career. But only recently have I come to fully realize the overwhelming importance of design in the commercial success of any new product. I don't mean only product design, what most think of as "design" as in industrial design. I mean the design of everything bearing on new-product success.
I share my take on the importance of design along 3 dimensions: product design, commercially relevant design, and complementary words and images. The bottom line, as they say, is: The design of everything matters (a lot)   
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