Letter from Carol Carter, GlobalMindED President, 
Descendant of Irish Immigrants: 

I'm a  fourth generation immigrant of Ireland.  My ancestors fled the potato famine in 1846 wh e n 1,000,000 died and 1,000,000 fled between 1844-1848. They came through  Ellis Island with seven children, one of whom they tragically lost in New York City cro wds. Persevering, the Kilroys eventually settled in Iowa.

On this St. Patrick's Day, we have an opportunity to reflect on where we came from and the div ersity which makes up our country and our world. Many of us are descendants of immigrants, Holocaust survivors  or slave traders. Some are recent refugees f rom war-torn countries, tyrannies or unsafe lands for women and children who undertook life-threatening migrations to create a better future. Some didn't survive. T he great migrations of immigrants and refugees happening all over the world reflect the difficulty, loss and bravery of leaving one's homeland whether by choice or  force. 

The GlobalMindED community is about inclusive leadership that recognizes the rich backgrounds and contributions of all people from all parts of the world from the rural to the urban, from the isolated to the populated from the illiterate to the educated from the unemployed to the working from the poor to the rich from the leaders on the ground to the leaders at the top. Below you'll find our release of the pre-conferences, special eve nts and workshops that will be at GlobalMindED June 9-11. Our Deeper Dives, Presentations, Problem-Solving Labs and Panels will be released next month. We'll have 1,000+ inclusive leaders and more than 250 speakers from near and far.

Finally, we hope that you will commit to inclusive excellence, taking a stand for women, people of color, ability status and LBGTQ populations to have a voice at the table with respect and dignity. It will not happen magically, but will happen with intentional design and thoughtful planning. As Branch Rickey said, "Luck is the residue of design." May you design equity and may luck result in a world that can be blessed with harmony, peace and prosperity for all. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
to GlobalMindED on Saturday, 
June 9 from 9 am to 3 pm:

Facilitators:  Dr. Brenda AllenUniversity of Colorado DenverDr. Cynthia Demetriou , University of Arizona Christine Salvesen University of Arizona

Facilitators: Dr. Bree Langemo , Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
Dr. Rebecca Corbin , National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship  (NACCE); Dr. Gene Coulson , Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd)

Facilitator: Mary Haynes, LifeBound

Facilitators: Chuck Schroeder, Rural Futures Institute; Chantal Unfug, Division of Local Government, State of Colorado ; John Busch , Siemens

Facilitator: Ann Kaiser, ProjectEngin

Facilitators: Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Digital Citizenship Institute
David Goutcher, Polybius Games (UK); Bronwyn Joyce, Our Global Classroom (Australia); Brad Waid, International Award Winning Educator

Facilitators: Paul Deaderick, National Reconnaissance Office at the Aerospace Data Facility Colorado; Zyola Mix, SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
Jay Lindell, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade; Magens Orman, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Facilitators: Dr. Ahrash Bissell, The NROC Project; Jim Larimore, ACT Center for Equity in Learning; Dr. Hae Okimoto, University of Hawaii System; Terri Rowenhorst, The NROC Project

Facilitators: Dr. Jeff Sidders, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment; Philip Kahn-Pauli, RespectAbility USA

Facilitators: Lorena Zimmer, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce; Sid Saleh, University of Colorado Boulder; Jenny Smith, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Presenter:  Bryan Garcia, America Needs You

The presentation will focus on supporting first-generation college students in securing internships. An internship provides essential career experience and is a central stepping-stone to securing full-time employment after graduation; however, low-income, first-generation students face unique challenges in the internship process. This presentation will focus on America Needs You's approach to supporting students in searching for, securing and thriving in an internship experience. Attendees will leave the session with a sense of America Needs You's best practices in leveraging volunteer support, managing relationships with corporate partners who provide internships, and equipping students with tools for success.

Presenters:  Tania Hogan, Julia Trejo (student), Rebecca Buchannan (student), Zainab Hashem (student), University of Colorado Denver

This session will share the unique experiences of first generation students in an undergraduate teacher preparation program, NxtGEN, which specifically recruits, prepares and supports our next generation of diverse and talented teachers. You will hear first-hand experiences and success stories from the students and residency coordinator of how a community of learners was developed and what supports and opportunities are available for students on campus and their school sites. In addition, some ongoing challenges and barriers that they face on campus and at their school sites will be shared with some possible solutions.
Presenter:  Kevin Carter, Adonai Center, Inc.

The roundtable will examine the philosophical and pragmatic rationale behind the Adonai Center's Fellows model which addresses the human capital development needed to enhance the value of African American young males, equip them with professional skills and competencies, enable them to understand their role in society, and position them to compete and survive in a global economy.
Presenter:  Deidre Orriola, University of South Florida

According to the Office of Civil Rights, Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 protects people from discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs which receive federal funds. Typically, adherence to Title IX reminds the reader of funding in men's and women's sports; prevention of sexual harassment and assault; equity in hiring, salary and promotion; and protection for transgender persons. Participants of this roundtable will be able to 1) Examine their institutions barriers and facilitators to gender equity in the context of Title IX, and 2) Develop a plan to address gender equity at their institution.

Presenters:  Dr. Elena Sandoval-Lucero and Dr. Jean Runyon, Front Range Community College

Community colleges have an access mission. The diversity of our students requires effectiveness in educating students who have been underrepresented in higher education. Community colleges must examine how students experience the campus, and improve student outcomes. Campus initiatives promoting inclusion cannot be delivered piecemeal. Employee diversity must increase, and campuses must engage in self-reflection to examine their own assumptions, and have courageous conversations about equity. The impetus for these initiatives must come from leadership and be articulated at all levels of the organization. This session describes the process used to promote inclusion, and increase equity at two Colorado community colleges.

Presenter:  Thomas Leyba, ASU Teacher's College and Time to Teach

Participants learn research-based strategies and best practices for highly effective classroom management. They learn successful techniques that can be used immediately to cut down on 70 percent of low-level discipline problems in the classroom, restoring valuable instructional and learning time and establishing a calmer teaching environment. No repeated warnings, no arguments, no threats. 

GlobalMindED and  the PVBLIC Foundation invite you to our Op ening Di nner on the    United Nations Sustainable Develo pment Goals (SDGs) 

This event will kick off the 2018 GlobalMindED Conference that will convene 1,000+ national and global thought leaders in business, education, STEM and more and 100 first-generation-to-college students. 

When: June 9, 2018 at 7:00 pm

GlobalMindED and  HP Inc., Intel, Nvidia, Broadcom, Colorado Technology Association and The Commons on Champa invite you to our Tech Day of Industry
The Tech Day of Industry is an event for inspiring, engaging, and empowering underserved populations and first-generation students - from first gen-high school graduates to first-gen college students - ages 16-19.

Students will spend a half-day with HP and various Northern Colorado companies as part of the GlobalMindED conference. 

When: June 11, 2018 at 8:45 am

June 9-11, 2018
Denver, CO

  Support our First-Generation Student Leadership Program 

Your support and contributions will translate into valuable networking connections for First-Gen student leaders and their peers.  

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