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April 2017



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When architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) teams want an early start on detailed exterior wall design and budgeting, Wausau's engineering and project management staff brings over 1,000 years of industry experience to the table for design-assist activities.
Wausau design-assist proposals establish the groundwork of a joint development effort between Wausau, an installer-partner and the project AEC team. While project-specific goals may vary, this effort focuses on achieving system designs meeting the aesthetic intent and level of performance defined in schematic architectural drawings and specifications, respecting the project budget and schedule through creative value engineering and prioritization.
Customer-led, design-assist activities can be included upfront in the purchase order to Wausau as the material supplier. Development of various wall types usually proceeds in phases as necessitated by schedule constraints, which is often the case on complex design-build projects.
If the value of the material cannot be included in the upfront agreement, Wausau can prepare a comprehensive proposal from the Architect's 90% Construction Documents at the conclusion of the joint development effort.
In either case, submission shop drawing preparation begins as each phase of the design-assist process is completed.
Unused design-assist hours, or necessary additional design-assist hours, should be credited or billed at the same rates. Costs of design-assist activities should not be duplicated in the material bid.
Often included in the scope of work of the design-assist process are such services as:
- Product selection assistance and scope of work clarification
- Division 8 specification development and/or review
- Phased design drawings of typical conditions for each wall type
- Preliminary structural, thermal and acoustic analysis
- Digital 3-D models or BIM Design Intent Models per AAMA 
- Standard samples and/or rapid prototyping of framing 
- Field inspection and measurements on renovation projects
- Travel for attendance at design review meetings
- Participation in periodic online video conferences
- Creative value engineering
- Budget pricing at key points during the design assist process
Design-assist can eliminate time-consuming resubmittals by working through issues before submission shop drawings are prepared. Clear scope definition minimizes change orders and surprises, while offering ample opportunity for value engineering, to focus all stakeholders on the most important design priorities.
Design for ease of installation is a key outcome of a successful design-assist process, necessitating close collaboration with the construction team. At the same time, performance and aesthetic goals must be met; on-time and within budget. Wausau's customization capabilities allow decisions to be made in the context of overall project design and construction goals, and optimized beyond that which is offered as manufacturers' standard products.

If you would like more information on design-assist partnerships with Wausau, market managers are available for architectural support and can be reached at info@wausauwindow.com.
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Location: Iowa City, IA
Architect(s): LMN Architects; Seattle,
 Neumann Monson Architects; Iowa City
Product(s) Used: INvision™ 1050i-UW,