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Dynamic Visual Layouts with PxPlus!
Did you know that you can create visual layouts and control them dynamically with PxPlus?
Maybe you want to allow users to layout a restaurant floor plan and change it dynamically.

Perhaps you want to add a warehouse layout to show where items are located to improve your inventory or picking process.

Or maybe you need help finding where a vehicle is in a car rental lot.
Parking lot layout
With the new features in PxPlus 2019 and its moveable buttons all of this is possible.
Try it for yourself.

Check out our online demo, PxPlus Sample Floor Plan Builder , to see a Nomads/iNomads application that allows you to create a basic restaurant layout.

See how you can move the tables around using a simple drag and drop interface.

Take our PxPlus Parking Lot Demo for a spin to get more ideas.

Keep in mind that these demos could have just as easily been created to handle any other layout suitable for your application such as a warehouse, hotel or campground layout.
All of this brought to you by PxPlus 2019.

At the conference, we will provide you details on how to use the features in PxPlus to create layouts for your application. You'll also get the code to help you get started.
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