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"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann

Here in Minnesota we've had a string of gorgeous weather and are enjoying being outside and all the signs of Spring! Wherever you are, I hope you're energized by new beginnings and time spent in nature.

At Metro Interiors, we're just starting on a new project at a home in Edina. It's a large residential remodel, expanding one side of a home to create another 14 feet of space, for a new, more efficient kitchen and master bathroom suite. Before and afters to come!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see Spring in North Carolina, at High Point Market this April due to illness. I am better now! I had waited 30 years to go, but I know life is constant change. Instead of being disappointed, I'm grateful for having some time off to relax and heal, so I have energy for my work.

Mixed feelings came up for me about going to High Point anyway, because of the controversial "bathroom law." I know many people in the design industry cancelled their trips because they didn't find it fair.  I have to agree - I support people's right to express themselves as who they are.

Whether it's High Point, Las Vegas, or another market, I do hope to plan another trip to find new design resources in the future though! 

In this issue, I'm excited to feature a beautiful friend, artist Gigi Turker. Her artwork, featured in the Virtual Art Gallery, has a serene quality, is colorful, magical, and feminine.

Gigi was named Artist of the Year in 2015, by Exploring TOSCA magazine, and her art was featured on the cover of last fall's issue. You can find that here.

For our featured Before & After, see the fresh start we gave the residents of Edinborough Condominiums - the updated look makes the space much more welcoming.

Have you kicked off your spring updating projects? If you need a hand choosing finishes, furniture, lighting or accessories, contact us for a consult. We can help pull it all together into a design that rejuvenates you and your space. 

W armest Regards,

Julie Ann

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Edinborough Condominium Hallways  


Before, these condo common areas were worn and dated. Together with the condo association, we agreed on some colorful and practical changes to update the look and make the entrances and stairwells more appealing for the residents.

See What We Did   
Click here to see design highlights in the "After" photos. Just by changing a few things, the condos have new common spaces that make coming and going a more pleasant experience.

See the After photos and read the full story

"Julie Ann is wonderful to work with. She always has several options, and it's a nice process. With new paint, wallcoverings, and other features the space just feels better. You don't walk in thinking 'something needs a change.' It feels nice and new."  
- Mike
Featured Artist:  Gulgun Gigi Turker

Gulgun (Gigi) Turker has been an artist for over twenty years. She began working mostly as a commissioned artist, then in early 2000, Gigi made a venturous artistic move and entered the competitive gallery world with her artworks.

Today, she has developed a major following in the popular contemporary arts.

There's something absolutely gorgeous about Gigi's paintings.  She effortlessly blends different mediums together, transitioning between acrylic and crystal beads to create beautiful pieces of art. 

She paints beautiful women who not only have style and class, but seem to hold a sacred secret.

Gigi was classically trained in Turkey at Ankara Devlet Konservatuari. Her works have been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums internationally, as well as purchased by private collectors.

Read more about Gigi here or view her work in the Virtual Art Gallery

To purchase one of Gigi's pieces, or see more of her work, contact me

I love that I can touch people with my paintings, that they can get up everyday and see the beautiful, bright colors; that positive energy makes them happy. Art has changed my life - I'm a survivor - and I want that amazing feeling, that life is beautiful and I'm a powerful woman, for others.
- Gulgun (Gigi) Turker
Theatre, Opera, Shakespeare, Culture, Art

Read the latest issue of Exploring TOSCA, the region's only Arts By Category magazine and the most comprehensive directory of arts events in the Twin Cities.

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Spring 2016 Issue of Exploring TOSCA

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