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"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann

How is your summer so far? Have you been able to have fun and relax? We've had a very busy Spring here, and I'm looking forward to a break! The first couple weeks in July I'll be spending some time away at the beach in California. I'm excited to dine outside by the ocean, see friends, and visit all my favorite spots. My 20-year-old son Jake will be there  for the first 5 days, so that'll be special to spend time with him too.

Once I'm back I'll be ready to pick up where I left off with my residential and commercial projects in the works. If you haven't read about it on our facebook page, we have a new member of our team, Cory Gould. He started as an intern, and made an easy transition to Junior Designer. Cory is pleasant, easygoing and fun to work with. He came to us with many skills, including technical and graphic design expertise. You can find out more about Cory below.

This issue, we're sharing a Before & After of a multi-unit Victorian home's exterior. We worked with the management company to help them visualize and select paint colors that would emphasize this home's unique character.

Also below we're featuring the Virtual Art Gallery artist HeeJune Shin, from Rochester, MN. She paints with a palette knife, and I love the way she captures nature.

Speaking of the creative arts, don't miss the latest issue of Exploring TOSCA magazine below. If you're looking for something to do this summer, it's got the most comprehensive directory of arts events in the Twin Cities. I've got an article in this issue too, on page 46. Read about how I helped my client feel at home in her office (including finding the perfect piece of art!).

Do you have a change you want to make in your space -
or your life? Contact me and I'll be happy to help you get started. 

W armest Regards,
Julie Ann

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More details below...

Painting a Home's Exterior    

Before, this multi-unit Victorian home in the Uptown area of Minneapolis was looking worse for the wear. We worked with the company that manages it, GreMar Apartments, to help them select colors for new paint to freshen it up.

See What We Did   
Click here to see how we custom-designed the home's exterior paint colors. We wanted it to look fun and colorful, fitting with its character and neighborhood - with just the right tones and color combinations.

 See the photos and read the full story 

"Julie Ann was a very big help in picking out color combinations. Victorian homes converted to multi-unit housing have a lot of character, and if the colors aren't coordinated it destroys the look. It makes a significant difference when you use a professional."
- Dick Goldman, GreMar Apartments
Welcome Cory Gould   
Cory Gould's passion for Interior Design began as a kid when he would go on Parade of Homes tours with his mom, and watch local real estate shows.

That passion for home design continued to grow over the years, and now he couldn't be more thrilled to officially be a part of that world.

Cory designs spaces that are both functional and attractive. He believes a space should be unique, bucking the trends in favor of a design that is a true reflection of its users' distinct styles or personalities.

Read more about Cory

"Great design contributes immeasurably to making the world around us more beautiful, functional and happier, and helps improve our lives."
- Cory
Featured Artist:  HeeJune Shin  

"Guest House at the Villa" 
A native of Korea, HeeJune Shin dreamt of being a painter all her life. She came to the US to study nutrition, and received a master's degree in public health nutrition. In 1998 she enrolled in art school, with much commitment and gratitude.

Through her interest in art history and museum visits around the world, she was inspired to become a representational painter of the post impressionism era, with an emphasis on visual perception of color.

Starting with abstract shapes of colors in the right relationship to each other, HeeJune's paintings then gradually emerge with form and air to represent the light effect of the moment. She prefers to use a palette knife, "I relish the intimacy and immediacy of strokes that a palette knife brings to a canvas. Through much practice, I am able to make a variety of textures and expressions."

Read more about HeeJune here or view her work in the Virtual Art Gallery

To purchase a piece, Contact Julie Ann 

"I am happy that my painting captures the beauty of light. It is a song responding to the moment in time and place. What better way to abide than to surround yourself with the songs of light."
- Hee June
Theatre, Opera, Shakespeare, Culture, Art


Read the latest issue of Exploring TOSCA, the region's only Arts By Category magazine and the most comprehensive directory of arts events in the Twin Cities.

Click link below to view:

Summer 2016 Issue of Exploring TOSCA

Find Julie Ann's latest article,"At Home in the Office" here , or scroll to page 46 in the full issue.

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