Interior Design and Feng Shui to improve the flow of positive energy
in your home or workplace, and better support you and your family.

"What you have in your home creates your story.
I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann

How are you enjoying the season of new beginnings? At Metro Interiors we've been busy creating new designs for a mix of residential and commercial projects.

Speaking of "new," I'm excited to share a new offering coming soon - Virtual Consultations! Offered through a new online store that's in the process of being created, I will be offering Feng Shui and Interior Design consultations to anyone, anywhere via Skype, Facetime or by phone. It's another way I'll be able to help people, who either aren't in the Twin Cities area or just want the convenience of a quick, virtual consultation in their home or office. Look for more details coming soon!

Below, I share the before and afters of the West Calhoun Resident Lounge. West Calhoun Apartments is managed by KMS Management, a company I've been working with for years, to redesign and update their commercial properties. This was a creative project, and turned out to be a really fun space.

Also below I have answers to a Feng Shui-related question I get a lot - What is good energy? (And how do I create that in my space?) I have some recommendations for you...

Do you feel good in your space? Whether with Interior Design, Feng Shui, or a combination of both, we can take a look at what's not working. I can help create a space that you love, and that supports you. Contact me to schedule something soon!   

W armest Regards,

Julie Ann

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More details below...

West Calhoun Resident Lounge   

What was once used for storage at West Calhoun Apartments is now a stylish, fun space for residents to gather. The project was completed as the result of a fantastic collaboration of creative people and ideas.

See What We Did   
Click here to see design highlights in the "After" photos. The aim in creating this space was to add value for the residents. In keeping with the trendy Uptown/Lake Calhoun area, the look is an eclectic mix of industrial, vintage and contemporary styles, a place they can relax in and enjoy.

See the After photos and read the full story

Looking for a place to live? Check out West Calhoun's other amenities 

"I would highly recommend Metro Interiors to any firm, to enhance their space or begin as new. Julie Ann has worked with KMS Management on designing and remodeling our properties for over 10 years. She is respectful of our ideas, but has just the right flair for enhancing what we may suggest, or what we hadn't thought of. The projects turn out beautifully and will stand the test of time."
- Lori, KMS Management
FENG SHUIblock2 
What is "good energy"? 

As a Feng Shui consultant, I'm often asked what it means to have "good energy" in a home. Or, "What should I do to create good energy in my office?"

The International Feng Shui Guild, which I'm a member of, has some helpful Feng Shui definitions in its glossary. Its definition of "energy" is below.

The way I define energy, in simple terms, is how your space feels. If you have clutter, haven't paid too much attention to the design or how things are arranged, it may not feel good to you.

Even if you have nice things - attractive furniture, or a sophisticated design, it STILL may not feel good to you - something might be "off."

Having "good" energy in your space brings your energy up - it helps you live your life in a more positive way, and feel energized and motivated. A basic Feng Shui principle is that your space reflects your life.

Here are 3 recommendations I often give, to create good energy

"ENERGY" is the term that refers to all forms of qi/chi, universal life force that exists everywhere. It is the movement of life force within our living space or body, which can affect our well being either auspiciously or inauspiciously.

Feng Shui concerns itself with the movement and containment of energy to create the most beneficial support for a person in their environment. The quality of energy is determined by its flow and the frequency of its vibration. By raising that frequency we improve its quality and beneficial influence.
Also called Chi, Qi, Ki (Japanese)
Theatre, Opera, Shakespeare, Culture, Art

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