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February 2011 

Design Trends 2011

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Easy to Make Canvas Art (ATH Tip)
2011 Design Trends
Hiring a Stager or Designer
Organizing Your Electrical Cords

Easy To Make Canvas Art

~Around The House Tip~

Have a new home with bare walls? Can't find the perfect piece of art? Whether temporary or permanent, this is a great idea for filling up the space on your walls...(read more)

2011 Design Trends

What's Hot This Year?


Black Is The New White

Look for dark and sultry colours. I remember in high school in the 90s painting my bedroom dark grey, with black and plum accents. Well guess what? This year you can expect to see deep purple and black in high fashion this year, from walls, to furniture, to hot accessories.


Ikat Dots 

 The latest in dots, these blurred versions of polka dots are turning up in fabrics, dinnerware, and wallpapers.


Keeping Warm 

Electric fireplaces were introduced a few years back as a non-installation alternative to the gas fireplace, but they lack the warm effect of the real flame. With no chimney needed, and no large renovations required to install, gel burning fireplaces are the eco-friendly non-mess fireplace of the future.   

2011 Technology
Technology is changing the way we do practically everything, from reading, to fitness, to navigation. So what's in store in the world of design? How about hiding your TV behind a 2-way mirror? I first saw this a couple of years ago, and yet have been laughed at by clients when I've mentioned this as a solution to the problem of fireplace vs TV. Technology will be creatively integrated into aesthetically pleasing design.

Universal Design
According to Wikipedia, Universal Design refers to broad-spectrum architectural planning ideas meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to both the able-bodies and the physical disabled.

This includes touch faucets, key-less entries, door handles replacing difficult to turn door knobs, and much more. Moms balancing the stroller, groceries, and everyday life will especially appreciate this. Universal design will make accessibility less unsightly and institutional looking while offering the convenience of an easy to live in home for everyone.
Staging Project - Living Room

20 Ways To Get Organized Today

Before You Sell...Clean

Home Staging Statistics
About Shauna Lynn  

"Design is where science and art break even."

                 ~ Robin Mathew


Born and raised in Windsor, ON, Shauna Lynn moved to Waterloo in 1996 to study Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. She worked as a bartender, using Mixology and Flare to fund her studies...(read more)   

Hiring A Stager or Designer
Hiring - How do you choose?

The best way to find a reliable professional in any field is by references. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. If this proves to be a dead end, then search yellow pages and online search engines, but references should still be available. Don't be afraid to ask for testimonials, references, and to look at their portfolio...(read more)

Organizing Your Electrical Cords

Do you have a chaotic mess of cords behind your tv, stereo, and computer? Here are some easy tips for minimizing the confusion:

1. Use twist ties to keep all hidden cords together. These can also be used to control extra long cords - gather up the loose cord and secure with a twist tie when the correct length is achieved...(read more) 

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