July 2019
Design a Trail to Last 100 Years

We plant trees for our grandchildren to enjoy, why should we expect any less of the trails we build.

Featured National Recreation Trail
House Creek Greenway, Raleigh, North Carolina
The House Creek Greenway is unique in its combination of urban greenway design, art in service projects, and a multiple-agency partnership for management.
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Trails Fund and Insurance Program
A Joint Initiative of American Trails and Conservation United, Inc.
An emerging grant program known as the “Trails Fund” serves the dual goals of bringing insurance expertise and continuity to the trails industry.
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Looking to advertise your trail products or services? Find out how to reach thousands through our new advertising options.
R esources and Training

July Webinar: Growing and Engaging Your Social Media Followers
With the growing popularity of social media many trail professionals have questions and concerns about what social media can mean for their trails. This webinar will help answer those questions.

2019 Webinar Lineup
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Counting Trail Users
Data collection plays an increasingly vital role in the future of trails.

FAQ: Should Golf Carts be Allowed on Paved Trails in a Small Community?
This question on golf carts on trails speaks to other questions of trail user conflicts...bikes, e-bikes, skates, segways, etc. versus pedestrians.

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Featured Trail Industry Manufacturer: Nordic Manufacturing Ltd
Nordic Manufacturing Ltd offers a utility motorcycle for trail building and maintenance for narrow width trails.
TRAILSNext   Talks

TRAILSNext   Series Presented by American Trails

In the style of TEDx, the  TRAILSNext™   Series brings you cutting edge information from leading experts in the trails world on today’s hottest trail topics. These high energy 18-minute presentations were recorded to be made available to folks who were unable to attend this year's International Trails Symposium.

Each month we will be featuring one of these talks in our eNews, and you can purchase the entire series on our website at this   link.

This month we are sharing with you " Greenway Plan for Boston " by presenter David Loutzenheiser with the  Metropolitan Planning Council (MAPC) in Boston, MA .

The Boston region has an extensive collection of rail trails, river paths, and separated bike lanes, and more in planning and design. However they are far from a connected network. MAPC, the regional planning agency for Boston, has come up with a plan for a connected trail and greenway network. Branded LandLine, the network vision helps build partnerships at all levels of government to ensure coordination of greenway development and build support for completion. This presentation will describe the elements of the plan, accomplishments to date, and the future steps. The Plan is transportation focused with the goal of incorporating more active transportation trips throughout the region between work, home, and leisure.