2020 office trends:
Sustainability steps to the forefront
What 2020 brings for office design trends will no doubt be determined by the readers of this newsletter, but a few things seem fairly certain:

  • Employee wellness will remain a strong theme with shared, comfortable spaces;
  • Open offices will continue to adapt to provide some worker privacy;
  • Co-worker spaces will work toward providing the privacy and security needed to attract larger tenants; and
  • Sustainability, including bringing the outdoors in and furnishings made from sustainable materials, will be at the forefront of design.

The latter is where WallGoldfinger Furniture and Mark Richey Woodworking comes in. The company is certified to make furniture with sustainably harvested woods but also takes it a giant step further by making furniture in a factory that runs entirely on renewable energies. This is something Mark Richey Woodworking prioritized long before it was popular. Besides wind and solar, the company has been burning manufacturing waste in biomass furnace to create heat since 2007.

As more businesses make larger investments in sustainable practices, no doubt WallGoldfinger Furniture and Mark Richey Woodworking with its focus on sustainability will be an important resource for furniture and millwork that is made green.

Recent project
A fresh look at bird's eye

As we look at sustainability, it seems natural to ask if more readily available domestic materials that lack the carbon footprint of traveling great distances to reach us, will make a comeback in furniture. Perhaps so. This table installed in January 2020 features birds eye maple veneer - a beautiful domestic wood once very popular.

It also has trending vacuformed curved veneer edges, apron power and incorporates stone - in this case granite - in a unique way.
An elegant leader in the reconfigurable market

WallGoldfinger Furniture Summit tilt-top tables provide a sophisticated option for reconfigurable spaces. The line is not new. No doubt you're familiar with it as interest in Summit tables is higher than ever. Stone tops seem to be where it is at, although Summits with veneer, cast acyrlic and glass tops have all also made their way through the factory this year. The stone versions are beautiful, but the WallGoldfinger team always get excited to see veneer tables for both their natural integrity and lighter weight.

If you're not familiar with the Summit tables, they are typically 60"x60" in size with some cool engineering components that allow tops to tilt and casters to raise and lower. These features allow the tables to both sit firmly in place when in use and roll through doorways when a room needs to be cleared out for a function. And, of course, they can move into different configurations.

Popular in 2019 and continuing into 2020, in addition to stone, is apron power with ETL listed daisy chaining and bridge configurations.

Learn more: video animation.
Providing leg room in a T-base world
The multipurpose room/training table market is ripe with shiny T-bases set on casters. WallGoldfinger Furniture Arbor multipurpose tables continue to be a standout alternative for two key reasons: their industry leading compact storage and leg room.

Arbor tables are generally 30" x 60", they're lightweight, their legs remove with no tools required and legs and tops fit in upright storage carts set on casters. They also have a variety of power and data options, including ETL listed daisy chaining where (like the Summit tables above), up to 10 tables can be powered from a single floor core connection. And they offer a variety of materials options. Aluminum legs, and edges and hatch lids, can be any powder coat color or brushed aluminum with a clear powder coat. And tops can be any veneer, plastic laminate, faux leather or cast acrylic (remember they're meant to be lightweight and picked up and put into carts).

Learn more: video animation.
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