Could you answer this question?
You can find infinite photos of interiors. Literally unlimited looks, styles, colours, and materials.

With so many ingredients and moving parts where do you start?

There is one dominant part that needs to be in place first in every artistic work. That is the MESSAGE, in other words, you have to figure out that thing you want to say!

Interiors will evoke a feeling or outright shout a particular message. The important thing when designing an interior, is to be very deliberate about what that message is right from the beginning.
The kitchen in this 2005 publication - I know, I know it’s 12 years old! That’s the point, a kitchen with the right message will endure the test of time.

You may be asking, what about the STYLE? Of course style comes into play...AFTER you determine the message. Honestly, you can’t determine your style until you have a clear MESSAGE worked out.

Though it is the hardest thing for you to do, identifying the message is the superpower of a good designer who is here to help you figure out what is YOUR message.

Here are my tips on how to work out the the message for your perfect interior.
The right message endures the test of time.
Concept drawings for a Passive Energy home in Vancouver near Main and 22nd
You can see clearly that “modern clean and light” is the basic message of this space. It was simply given to me by the client in three words at the start of the project. This client had worked with me previously. It’s not always that easy. I always ask for three words.

To overcome the difficulty of coming up with those words here are some of my workarounds.

Try jotting down on paper:

1) Your guests have just walked into your home for the first time - what is the first thought that comes to their mind?

What would you like them to think?
(That is your message).

2) Or when you don’t live alone, ask all the family members their ideal message.
Ask each:
What do you like the best about your home’s design and decor?
What do you like the least about your home’s design and decor?
Tabulate, classify the responses and work out the most popular answers.
Then ask:
What would you like others to “get” about you?
The results are a popular and agreeable message for the family for the new space.
Remember these steps cost nearly nothing but stretch your budget immensely.
Many people don’t know how to say what they want or how to get it.
When done correctly, the right message saves money, speeds up the process, lessens confusion and results in design that stands the test of time.

Let me know. What does your perfect interior look like?

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