1. American Red Cross First Aid: Step-by-step first aid advice. Easy-to-use Spanish language toggle to switch translation inside the app. Fully integrated with 911 so you can call for help at any time. Safety tips for everything, from severe winter weather to hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes to help you prepare for emergencies. Free.  
  2. NIOSH Sound Level Meter: Combines features of professional sound level meters and noise dosimeters into single app and provides up-to-date informational screens on what noises are considered hazardous, how to conduct a noise measurement, how to properly select a hearing protector and guidelines for preventing hearing loss. Free. 
  3. OSHA–NIOSH Heat Safety Tool: Real time heat index and hourly forecasts as well as occupational safety and health recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH. Free.  
  4. Chemical Safety Data Sheets: Displays International Chemical Safety Data Cards [ICSC]. Produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) International Labour Office (ILO) and WHO. Contains peer reviewed information about a substance in a concise standard and simple manner. Free. 
  5. AccuWeather: Provides accurate weather assessment including RealFeel and RealFeel Shade Temperature. Includes live forecast news, weather updates and severe storm alerts. Free 
  6. CDC Ladder Safety: Interactive easy-to-use ladder safety app. Uses visual and sound signals to assist the user in positioning an extension ladder at an optimal angle. Free. 
  7. Poison Control: Provides expert help for a possible poisoning. Helps users decide if the poisoning is dangerous and requires medical attention. Free. 
  8. Ag Web: Latest agribusiness news and advice. Read ag management news, farm business blogs and articles from one trusted source. Free. 
  9. Climate Field View: Integrated digital agriculture tool that provides farmers with a way to collect and store critical field data allows you to view satellite imagery of your fields. Free. 
  10. Ag Mobile: Collaboration between AgriCharts and Successful farming. Dynamic quotes and charts to local cash grain bids, current news, live USDA news and reports, futures, historical market data and more. Free. 
  11. Tractor House: Leading app for buyers and sellers of farm equipment. Free. 
  12. Pocket Rain Gauge: Delivers accurate rainfall measurements based on your location. It is updated every hour and reflects the previous 24 hours. Free.  
  13. My Smart 911: Sign up to share important information with first responders when dialing an emergency. Free.