Behind the Design of Hotel Magdalena, the First Mass Timber Boutique Hotel in North America
Heavily influenced by Lake|Flato’s ethos of designing in partnership with the land, the design of Hotel Magdalena, with its outdoor circulation, mass timber structure, and active landscape, helped the hotel open during the pandemic and share the beauty of mass timber with visitors from around the world.
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Strong Ideas Rooted in Place
Lake|Flato’s projects have historically stood out because of the ways in which they engage their environments and honor the rituals that take place there. Two recently opened projects in Texas – the six-story Soto Building in San Antonio and the eclectic Hotel Magdalena in Austin – are garnering recognition for making mass timber the rising star.
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Embodied Carbon: Reducing Our Carbon Impact
Our latest Investigations research report explores the carbon impact of materials on global warming potential. Leveraging findings from various life cycle assessments, including research comparing structural systems, we share strategies for how to quantify carbon impact and bring a building’s carbon footprint toward zero.
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