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When designing to inspire, ROCKWOOL can help.

Our insulation can help you design an energy-efficient and safe environment without inhibiting your creativity. When you design with the building envelope in mind, pairing our non-combustible insulation with cladding that brings your vision to life, you create a building that’s not only safer to live in but one that inspires the world.

Architects, Specifiers & Designers
We have created one easy location on our website that houses product documentation and training, building science support connections, and your dedicated ROCKWOOL specifications team connections. You're going to want to bookmark this:
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Midrise Wood Frame Construction
ROCKWOOL insulation products provide many sustainable solutions best-suited for your mid-rise wood frame building project. Evolving building codes allow for taller wood frame buildings. We are dedicated to not only providing high performance solutions through our extensive product offering but providing the knowledge and tools needed to determine an optimal design solution and maximize your building goals.
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Cladding Attachment Solutions Guide
The use of exterior insulation installed outboard of wall sheathing is becoming increasingly common across North America to meet new energy code requirements. The challenge designers and contractors face is selecting and evaluating an appropriate cladding attachment strategy for their project. This bulletin clarifies and provides guidance regarding different cladding attachment systems through exterior insulation for commercial wall applications.
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CE - Understanding Advanced wall Systems and Stone Wool
These courses cover the latest in building enclosure technology for energy efficient buildings, what stone wool insulation is, and how it is produced. They provide an in-depth discussion of emerging wall systems that provide durable, cost effective and thermally efficient performance. Additionally, they discuss mineral wool in Commercial applications with an emphasis on Rainscreen cladding design and in exterior cavity walls.
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Building Science Experts and Support
ROCKWOOL’s  Complimentary Building Science Support Team was established to provide architects, designers and specifiers with the tools and services to unlock the energy saving potential of your building design, reaching far beyond insulation. The Building Science team believes that design freedom goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, resiliency and constructability.
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