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186 weeks down, 35 weeks to go until Election Day!
Census Day Countdown: 38 days
HELP WANTED: Volunteer and Paid Positions
On Becoming a Poll Challenger: Part I 
by Ellen K. Halter, PEG Contributor
As a white, progressive woman, I want to share with you the most memorable volunteer experience I’ve had. 

In October, 2008, my husband and I became Democratic Challengers in the forthcoming November election, Barack Obama’s first. Many details of that experience are lost to me now, though I do remember going to the elegant University of Michigan law library where volunteer lawyers provided training. We were given thick manuals, which we brought home and studied. 

I won’t lie to you. We spent many boring hours while we and the Republican challenger floated around our assigned Romulus poll. As the district was 98% Democratic and African American, her job was to challenge the registrations of as many Democratic voters as possible; our job was to defend their right to vote. In point of fact, she challenged only a few, and generally, those few were given provisional ballots. (That meant in the event of an extremely close election, the legitimacy of those votes would be examined in detail, and if cleared, would be counted.)

It’s the inspiring part I want to share with you. Before 7 am on a cold and rainy election day, we drove up to the school hosting our poll district and were greeted by a line of African American voters snaking out the door and around the playground. These twelve years later, this memory brings tears to my eyes. All that boring day, when we and the poll workers went about our business, I grew teary-eyed whenever thinking that Obama was likely to win and how joyous these voters would be. 

If you’re the type of person who cares about our democracy, I encourage you to become a challenger and help insure the fairness of our elections. Above all, if you’re the type of person who likes viewing the flowers in other people’s gardens, I encourage you to become a challenger and obtain that unique perspective.
Stay Tuned: More to Come
Apply for Election Worker jobs in Detroit
The City of Detroit is looking for people willing to serve as in two different jobs:
1) poll workers, i.e. Electronic Poll Book Inspectors , and 2) Absentee Counting Board Inspectors for the March 10 presidential primary, as well as during the August 4 primary and the November 10 election. The city needs several poll workers for each of its 500+ election precincts. In addition, hundreds of poll workers are needed to process absentee ballots on Election Day at TCF Center in downtown Detroit (formerly Cobo Hall). Details about the two different jobs, including qualifications, hours of work, training, and pay can all be found at this site . The Detroit Poll Workers application form itself can be found here .
Census 2020 is hiring
The US Census Bureau is looking for thousands of Michiganders to apply for census jobs, full and part time, nights and weekends.  Without enough workers, the Census cannot achieve a “ Complete Count ,” and the reapportionment of Congress may not accurately reflect the actual “number of whole persons living in each state,” and election district lines may not contain the required equal number of people in each.
Jobs include Census Takers, Census Field Supervisors, Recruiting Assistants, Clerk, and Office Operations Supervisor. As an incentive, Michigan is paying Census 2020 workers $23 per hour. Full information is here: . Or call 1-855-JOB-2020.
Correction to PEG Newsletter February 6, 2020
Census 2020 Q&A with Khyla D. Craine
Last week, we featured some very important questions about the 2020 Census, answered by Khyla D. Craine, Esq. She was answering these questions as Census Chair for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., not via her work on behalf of the Secretary of State. For the full interview, visit the PEG website .
Register for a Census presentation, see Events in PEG Newsletter or go to the Michigan Website to see the census activities in Michigan.
Thursday, February 13. Michigan Environmental Justice Summit 2020
The School for Environment and Sustainability honors the 30th Anniversary of the “Incidence of Environmental Hazards Conference", by highlighting the challenges and opportunities now—and for the future—of environmental justice, and how YOU can make an impact and create a more equitable, inclusive future.
Panelists include:
  • Michelle Martinez (MS ’08) SEAS alumna, Panel Moderator. Coordinator, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, Detroit-based EJ activist, speaker, writer, and mother
  • Robert Bullard. Known as the “Father of Environmental Justice”, Named one of 13 Environmental Leaders of the Century (Newsweek, 2008)
  • Rhiana Gunn-Wright. Policy Director, New Consensus, an architect of the Green New Deal
  • Charles Lee. Senior Policy Advisor, EPA, EJ pioneer and principal author of the landmark report, Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States
  • Regina Strong. Environmental Justice Public Advocate, Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
RSVP here. University of Michigan, Rackham Auditorium, 915 E. Washington St, Ann Arbor. 6 pm
Thursday, February 13. 12th Congressional District Dems Meeting
Clark McCall from the Citizens Climate Lobby will be giving a presentation on carbon pricing legislation. UAW Region 1A, 9650 Telegraph Rd, Taylor. 7 pm
Poor People’s Campaign Washtenaw County Coffee & Catch Up
  • Friday, February 14
  • Friday, February 21
  • Friday, February 28
B-24's Espresso Bar Eats and Entertainment, 217 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti . 2:30–4 pm
Saturday, February 15. Washtenaw County GOTV Canvass
It's almost time for the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. NextGen Michigan is looking for volunteers to help us canvass in Washtenaw to get out the vote to increase voter turnout. Sign up here . University of Michigan Ann Arbor Tisch Hall, Suite G026, 435 S State St, Ann Arbor . 10–11 am, 11am–Noon, Noon–1 pm. 1–2 pm. 2–3 pm

Saturday, February 15. Democracy Town Hall with the LWV and the NAACP
Come learn about New Voter Rights (Prop 3), 2020 Census, and Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (Prop 2). Caroline Kennedy Public Library, 24590 George Ave, Dearborn Heights . A light lunch will be provided at 1 pm followed by presentations at 1:30 pm
Learn about the great work done by the League of Women Voters
Attend one of these meetings and be introduced to League Basics for members and prospective members. Come early for a chance to meet and get to know each other, followed by a program and Q&A about the League.

Saline District Library - 555 N Maple Rd
Contact member Lynne Kochmanski for more information.
  • Saturday, February 15. 3–4 pm
  • Monday, March 23. 5:30–6:30 pm

Ann Arbor Library - Westgate Branch - Conference Room B, 2503 Jackson Ave
Contact member Barb Billings for more information.
  • Wednesday, February, 19. 5–6:15 pm

Ypsilanti Library - 5577 Whittaker Rd
Contact member Barb Brown for more information.
  • Wednesday, March 4. 6:30–7:30 pm
Call with MI Resistance
This week’s focus: Support Expungement for Non-Violent Crimes
Sign up for a calling party here .
Tuesday, February 18. Polar Vortex Climate Change and Weird Weather
Dr Henry Pollack will be presenting this event hosted by the Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group
Matthai Botanical Gardens, 1800 N Dixboro Rd, Ann Arbor . 7:30-8:30pm
Wednesday, February 19. Climate Change Trivia Night
Test your knowledge of climate themed trivia! Don't worry, it isn't all science stuff, The Circ Bar, 210 S First St, Ann Arbor . 7 pm
Wednesday, February 19. Social media manipulation and the election of 2020
How worried should we be about the impact of social media manipulation on our 2020 elections? Is the Internet Research Agency still a force? What was that Cambridge Analytica thing? How do we protect ourselves against viral misinformation? Attend this panel discussion to get answers to your questions about the intersection of personal social media data and elections. Panelists:
  • Walter R. Mebane, Jr., professor of political science and professor of statistics at the University of Michigan, is a member of Michigan’s Election Security Task Force.  
  •  Dr. Mark Ackerman is the George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and a professor in the School of Information and in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His major research area is social computing, investigating online knowledge communities, expertise sharing, and most recently, misinformation. 
HOMES Brewery, 2321 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor . 7–9 pm
Hosted by Rank MI Vote. 2145 Independence Blvd, Ann Arbor . 7-8:30 pm
Thursday, February 20. Eastern Washtenaw Dems meeting
Contact Micheal White at for more information. WCDP Office , 418 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, 7 pm
Representative Donna Lasinski Coffee Hours
Coffee with Jeff Irwin
Tuesday, February 25. Washtenaw County leads the state of Michigan in recidivism. Learn why and what we can do about it
Brighter Way is partnering with the ReNEW Michigan, United Way of Washtenaw County, and several other area organizations to discuss:
  • Why Washtenaw County is doing so poorly
  • The challenges of reentry in Washtenaw County
  • Proven and promising solutions to the problem
  • Increasing support for community-based organizations
  Panelists will include:
Jeff Irwin, State Senator
Kyle Kaminski, Legislative Affairs, Michigan Department of Corrections
Malachi Muhammad, employee, The Lunch Room
Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center  4135 Washtenaw AveAnn Arbor, MI 48108.
6:30–8:30 pm
Things to do
The bipartisan Honest Ads Act will close some internet loopholes
Call your Senators and Representative (contact info here ) with the following script:
Hi, I’m calling from [ZIP] because I believe online political ads should be subject to the same disclosure requirements as TV and radio ads. The Honest Ads Act would mandate such disclosure, and would ban foreign entities from secretly buying political ads t o interfere in our elections. Can I count on [NAME] to co-sponsor S. 1356 / H.R. 2592 , which already has strong bipartisan support? Thank you.
Let’s express our gratitude to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a War Hero and Patriot
Nominate Lt. Col. Vindman for the JFK Library's Profiles in Courage Award
Remember his words, “Do not worry. I will be fine for telling the truth. . . . Here right matters.” 
~ Lt. Col. Vindman’s words to his father spoken at the House Impeachment Hearings
It takes three minutes to do this, and if you act by Feb. 15th, Vindman will be eligible for the 2020 award. If you can’t get it done by Feb 15th, send it in for 2021. JFK Library
If we want to publicly show our support, we can order these shirts . Vindman Tee Shirts
Send letters of appreciation to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Send Letters of Appreciation
WAVE and Absentee Voting
Vote from Home While Living Abroad - Absentee Voting 
While the absentee ballot voting process is different if you live abroad than if you live in Michigan, it is still very doable. As an overseas voter, you need to send in the form to request your ballot for every calendar year in which you wish to vote. The form, the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) is only one page and will cover you for all elections in the calendar year : Primary, General and Special Elections (that you may otherwise not be aware of). Go to the Absentee Ballot Form and click on Start. Be sure and check deadlines with your local election official. The website has election information for each state. Michigan 2020 Election Schedule
How Michigan can tackle the anticipated influx of absentee ballots
In an opinion piece in Bridge Magazine , Rep Vanessa Guerra explains her proposed solution to the counting of the anticipated surge in absentee ballots in the upcoming elections. She has introduced HB 5435 “to allow municipalities, at their own discretion, to count absentee ballots early up to 7 days before Election Day.” Currently, absentee ballots cannot be counted until 7 am on Election Day. With the processing of the absentee ballots through high-speed tabulators ahead of time, however, the display of results would be forbidden prior to Election Day. Let your State legislators know how important this legislation is! Find your legislator by clicking here.
Things to read, watch, or listen to
Three-Year Campaign to Separate Families: The Muslim Ban
The Muslim ban, which the U.S. Supreme Court allowed to go into full effect in December 2017, has already devastated people in the U.S. and across the world. Families separated, weddings postponed, and lives uprooted. Now, six additional countries have been added to this unconstitutional ban. This is why Congress must pass the NO BAN Act, which Speaker Pelosi has already announced will be moving forward. With the NO BAN Act, Congress has the opportunity to right the administration's, and the Supreme Court's, wrong, and prevent harm to more communities. Read more here. - ACLU
Good News
Good News from Georgia!
In 2018 a federal lawsuit was initiated in Georgia against Governor Brian Kemp, who was, at the time, secretary of state. According to 11Alive (NBC affiliate in Atlanta), Kemp was accused of “using a racially-biased methodology for removing as many as 700,000 legitimate voters…between 2016 and 2018.” According to one of the plaintiffs , Kemp used an “Interstate Crosscheck” purge list, which even caused the removal of tens of thousands of Michigan voters who had supposedly also registered or voted in Georgia! According to the New York Times , investigative journalist Greg Palast and civil rights activist Helen Butler are seeking public disclosure of these lists. This past week, Federal District Judge Eleanor L. Ross rejected Georgia officials' arguments in an election-related lawsuit and ruled that information being sought by the plaintiffs is subject to public disclosure.
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