Despite the abnormally cold February, spring is nearing.  Thus, we are beginning to activate irrigation systems. We normally need to begin some irrigation sometime in April and therefore, we need to start our system activations, maintenance and repairs now in order to be prepared.

Each spring we activate and perform a comprehensive servicing of each of the irrigation systems we manage. This includes turning on each valve, cleaning around and adjusting the heads, and ensuring your system is ready for operation when the time comes. We also make repairs when we find broken or malfunctioning components. Whereas cleaning and adjusting is included in our monthly cost, repair or replacement of parts is billed as an extra service.

Water Rates Are Rising

Weather Based Irrigation Saves You Money

Weather Based Irrigation Control is a great investment in irrigation efficiency. We have always worked to maximize irrigation system efficiency since we began so our dedication and effort is not new. What is new is the technology. The advent of Weather based irrigation control has given us new tools to help you save water and money. Many of our customers have adopted this new technology and those who have not are wasting water and their money.

Video explaining Weather Based Remote Irrigation Control:

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