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I'm sending this weekly email to give you a heads up on what is available and especially good for your weekend grill and entertaining. Each week it will highlight a selection of the best fish available in Chicago.  Some you may be familiar with and some you won't but they are all worth trying!


Stop by Friday between 4:30 and 6:30

Pasta Puttana 

Pasta Puttana will be sampling some of their wonderful locally made organic pasta. We will mix it up with some of

our great fish and seafood!

We carry Pasta Puttana fresh pasta every week so now is a good time to try some!

Pasta Puttana samples 

Come and vote for us at...

Chowdah Fest ~ Chicago

In Boston, they have a chowder fest that's been an annual favorite for decades... now Chicago has its own!

Come feast on amazing chowders & vote as chefs compete for anAudience Choice Award & the title

"Best Chowdah in Town"

Restaurants & Chefs:

Giuseppe Tentori of BOKA/ GT Fish & Oyster

Baasim Zafar, Executive Chef of The Drake Hotel

Radhika Desai of Top Chef Season 5

Daniel Marquis of Fox & Obel Market

Private chef to celebs, Julius Russell

Guy Meikle of Nana Organic 

Sean Sanders of Brown Trout

Dirk's Fish & Gourmet Shop

Calumet Fisheries on 95th

Benny's Chop House

Shaw's Crab House

and a few others...


 Monday, January 31st

6:30 ~ 9:00pm

At The Columbia Yacht Club

at East Randolph & Lake Shore Drive

 To benefit the Sea Scouts youth sailing-program


Come have a blast, be warm on a winter's night,
and help young people all over Chicago set sail on a lifetime of adventures


 Ticket also includes craft beer from Goose Island and

Great Lakes Brewing Co. plus good wine & a dessert room!

Chowdah Fest Ticket Info 


 Artic Char
 Salvelinus alpinus
Arctic Char whole and fillet
Sushi waiting to happen!
This fish is native to the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world. No other freshwater fish is found as far north as char. Char is considered a tasty little secret among food lovers for it's mild taste and versatility. Char is also rich in Omega 3 and in vitamins A,D, and B12. These beautiful pink spotted fish are closely related to salmon and trout with many of their tasty characterists.The flesh ranges from bright red or orange to pale pink depending on where they grow and their diet. A big char can be up to 20 pounds. These larger fish are usually caught recreationally in Canada and northern Europe.
Our fish are coming from Iceland which is the largest producer of char in the world. Farmed fish usually weigh in between 2 and 6 pounds.These are the perfect size for eating! They are raised on land in closed tank systems with little effect on the outside habitat. This is one of the best methods of aquaculture. Monterey Bay Aquarium has added char to its list
of "BEST" sustainable fish.
 Arctic char filleted
Fresh off the knife

Try using this fish as a substitute for salmon in sushi, on a cedar plank, smoked or even simply pan seared for a taste you won't soon forget. We will be carrying Arctic Char as a regular item in 2011 because it tastes good, is good for the environment, and we love it!
Regular Price:$20.00 per pound
Special Price:$18.00 per pound
January 24th thru 30th


(And some old ones too)

Due to weather issues on both coasts, our variety is basically limited to 20 or so species. Hopefully that gives you enough choices to make your dinner decision difficult!

Atlantic Cod - hook and line caught 

(Monterey Bay Aquarium has relisted  

Atlantic cod as a "Good Alternative")

California Petrale Sole

Carolina Black Drum
 Trout-Golden Rainbow

Idaho Golden Rainbow Trout

 Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna
Mexican Hamachi
Red Drum in a tub
Texas Redfish


Laughing Bird Shrimp Farm Closing!

Shrimp- Laughing Bird- cooked and raw

We are also saddened to inform you that as of January 28, 2011 fresh Laughing Bird shrimp from CleanFish will no longer be available.  On February 16 last year, Sir Barry Bowen, the founder of Belize Aquaculture, the farm that produced Laughing Bird, was killed in a plane crash. The estate has elected to stop operating the shrimp farm. A possibility does remain that they will resume production later this year with a new buyer and/or investors, however, no definite timeline has been determined.  The farm is in the process of harvesting, processing and freezing the shrimp from all of its ponds. In the meantime, we have purchased a large quanitity that will be frozen so that we can still enjoy this most favorite shrimp.  If you want fresh shrimp, this is the weekend to buy it.

Scallops, Moose Island 

Gulf of Maine's Moose Island Day Boat Scallops

Stone Crab Claws 

Florida Stone Crab Claws 

Shrimp, Rock

Fresh Florida rock shrimp are great in

pastas, soups, and stir fries. 


We are pushing Florida products to try and get some of that warm weather to travel north to us! 

OYSTER  OPTIONS...Oysters in the case





Don't Forget!
Some of this fish and seafood are here in limited quantities, if you are interested in something in particular,
 let us know, we will put your name on it

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Need some tasty romantic inspiration for Valentine's Day?

Join us at our pre-Valentine's Day cooking class where we will show you how to make some heart throbbingly decadent seafood dishes that are sure to impress your sweetie.


Heart shaped jumbo lump crab puff with

caviar and creme fraiche

Puff pastry bowl with pear, gorgonzola, arugula, and shrimp

Full crusted lobster pot pie

Salmon Wellington: salmon covered in puff pastry with a spinach/mushroom stuffing


Bring your date, your mate, your favorite beverage and your appetite. Let's make a night of it!


Tuesday, February 8th - 7:30 until 9:30

$65.00 per person

Class is limited to 16 people, please call ahead for reservations

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