What We Learned in 2020
2020 was a tough year, but folks prevailed, and life went on. The real estate market in Destin and the 30A performed far better than most would have thought. The successful buyer in 2020 had done their homework, were patient, diligent, and made strong and confident offers when they found what they wanted. That will be the standard in 2021 as well.

Last year, there were two big contributors to the successful real estate market in Destin and the 30A:

Demand for Coastal Properties

We saw demand for coastal area properties surge post-covid as companies transitioned to a more "work from anywhere" approach. with employees seeking more tax favorable destinations and an escape from urban centers. We witnessed this first hand in Destin and 30A as many buyers were from California and New York. This change is structural in nature and I don't see it slowing down in 2021.

Low Interest Rates

Low interest rates have helped buyer's absorb some of the resulting price appreciation but historically low inventory levels make finding the right property challenging. There is still good value to be found by those willing to be diligent and patient.

See below for detailed reports reflecting 2020 trends for Condo, Single-Family Homes and Townhome sales in Destin and along the 30A.

Keep in mind that this is a general summary of the market stats and doesn't replace an individual property evaluation by a qualified professional.

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