Dear Families,

Last year when we were sheltered in place, we adapted the school schedule to include a flex day to give students and teachers some time to catch up on work. As we prepared for the new year, we worked to build on that structure to support student growth and well-being for what will undoubtedly be another non-traditional year.

This year our Flex Days will be slightly more structured to ensure that we accomplish some key goals:
  • Build a strong, vibrant student community within grade levels and across classes
  • Build strong, supportive relationships between students and teachers
  • Provide dedicated time for students to complete academic work and receive personalized support to meet their learning, wellness, and socioemotional needs
  • Give students more freedom of choice to increase engagement and agency
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities for students to explore their passions

What does a Flex Day look like?
For the 2020-21 school year the Wednesday Flex Day will offer a variety of activities, with a particular focus on community-building and enrichment activities that go beyond our existing academic program. 

Students can choose from a wide range of activities throughout the day, allowing them to find the right balance between their academic, social, and extracurricular needs—including opportunities to take a break from online activities and screens. Students will use an online scheduling form to choose the activities they want to participate in during each time block, with an option to design their own activity during some blocks. Faculty and staff may also ask students to meet during their office hours, take a make-up test, etc. Unless they are ill or have another excused absence, all students are expected to participate in the Flex Day, and their attendance is tied to the completion of the Flex Day Planning form. Students will receive further details about specific activities and how to sign up tomorrow during 5th Period. 

Each Flex Day one grade level will be in the Class Spotlight with grade-specific activities in the morning. Students in the remaining three grade levels will have shared activities in what’s called Cougar Flex. Upcoming Class Spotlights will be: 
  • Wed. Aug. 19 (12th grade)
  • Wed. Aug. 26 (9th grade)
  • Wed. Sept. 16 (10th grade)
  • Wed. Sept. 23 (11th grade)

You're invited to watch this video which provides an overview of Flex Days, activities, and student responsibilities.

The calendar image below is also available in the printable Daily Bell Schedule on our website.

We’re excited to offer another opportunity for all students to explore their interests, connect as a community, and nourish their spirit!

Jen Reinwald
Vice Principal for Student Life
Elizabeth Chaponot, PhD.
Vice Principal for Academics
Carondelet High School l 1133 Winton Drive l Concord, CA 94518 l