God Star Vigil of the Central Sun
Beloved Torch Bearers and Light Bearers!

Last night at our Special Service with the Anointed Representatives, the invitation went out far and wide to all the Sons and Daughters of God and Light Bearers of the World to join in our God Star Vigil of the Central Sun. A greater momentum of this round-the-clock Vigil is the need of the hour to hold the balance for world conditions. In this stepped-up Vigil momentum, the Ascended Masters are calling on 7 Heart Flames to be at the altar during each Vigil time slot.

To amplify our concerted efforts, the publicly broadcast decree services from Morya House will change times to align with the Vigil and a Vigil will be given twice daily from Morya House.

We have outlined all the details below on how to sign up for a Vigil, the new Vigil matrix, a PDF of the Vigil decrees, as well as details on the new Morya House decree schedule.

We encourage you to engage with the replays of the Services with the Ascended Masters calling for this stepped-up Vigil momentum. Please see the links below.

In Service and Love,

The Temple of The Presence
Discourses & Dictations to Replay

You are encouraged to listen and re-listen and engage your Heart Flame in the Services that have been given calling for this stepped-up Vigil momentum.

New Vigil Matrix & PDF of Vigil Decrees

Please click on the links below to view the new Vigil matrix and download a PDF of the Vigil decrees. They are also available on our Broadcast Page as well as the God Star Vigil menu bar of our website.

How to Sign Up for a Vigil

Everyone is invited to select as many single Vigil slots on the Mystic Rose Mandala as they would like. There is no limit to the amount of Vigils you can engage in. Just add a pink rose to the time slot you wish to join. For a permanent time slot that repeats weekly, you are invited to become a Torch Bearer of The Temple. You can find that information under the link on The Temple Home Page: The Temple of The Presence Activity.

Click on the link below to view the Mystic Rose Mandala and sign up for Vigils. You can also save this page to the home screen on your smart phone and it will function like a phone app. This link is also available on our website on the God Star Vigil menu bar.

Public Broadcast Decree Services from
Morya House

We are changing our decree service schedule at Morya House to align with the Vigil momentum and reflect the following times in Arizona Time.

Monday - Saturday
6-8 a.m. (Arizona time) - Morning Decrees
6-8 p.m. (Arizona time) - Evening Decrees

The Vigil will be given instead of the Mother Mary Service, Emerald Matrix Service, and Saint Germain Service. The Sunday Service decrees will include the Vigil matrix at the regular Sunday Service decree times. We will be contacting everyone when daylight savings time takes place with a new time matrix.

You can join our publicly broadcast decree services on the Live Broadcast page of our website or using the following link:

If you are currently giving the Vigil that aligns with the same time that decrees will be given from Morya House, we are most grateful for your participation and service and hope you continue joining us during those sessions. However, we also encourage you to search out one or more Vigil time slots in addition so that the balance can be held throughout the round-the-clock Vigil.

Thank you for you loving and stalwart service!
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