Detention into Death Sentence
On Tuesday March 31st, we produced and released a video uplifting a letter from the fathers, brothers, sons, and grandfathers held captive inside Mesa Verde Immigration Detention Facility. They share their urgent plea:
Covid-19 "will turn our detention into a death sentence."

We worked with the men inside on how to release their letter, lawyers to ensure their safety, and partners organizations to assure the world hears their plea. Over 40k people have shared this video, and we want your help to share it even more widely.

For this week's #FaithfulFridays, we ask you all to:

SHARE this video and tag @GavinNewsom - Governor Newsom has the power to impact ICE detention!

SHOW this video as part of online religious services and faith community to spread the word.

We have heard that your work last week from #FaithfulFridays caught Governor Newsom's staff's attention, and we're hoping to continue that work until ICE and Governor Newsom take action!
What Else Can You Do?
We hope that you will consider sustaining the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity over the next year. We are beginning our Spring Sustainer Drive for Liberation to continue organizing and advocating during this time, helping us to continue supporting the work we do together.
Join Us Next Week:
Vigil for Liberation
For next week's #FaithfulFridays:
We are inviting our statewide interfaith and impacted communities to come together for an
Online Interfaith Vigil for Liberation
April 10 at 10:30 am.

In the midst of a season of holy days: Jewish Passover, Christian Holy Week, Muslim Ramadan, Buddhist Hanamatsuri, we are calling for an end to for-profit prisons and detention centers and the liberation of those most vulnerable and held captive.

Join us on Zoom or watch the live recording on our Facebook page.

When: April 10th | 10:30AM
If you are unable to attend by zoom, the vigil will also be broadcast on Facebook Live.
Vigil Speakers
Bishop Minerva Carcaño
California-Nevada Annual Conference
United Methodist Church
Rev. Duncan Ryuken Williams
Soto Zen Priest
Zenshuji Soto Zen Mission, Los Angeles
Rabbi Suzanne Singer
Rabbi and Educator
Temple Beth El, Riverside
Sh. Jameel Besada
Associate Religious Director
Islamic Society of Corona-Norco
IM4HI Board Member

Br. John Skrodinsky, S.T.
Trinity Missions
Missionary Servants of the Most Holy
Rev. Larry Foy
Justice Not Jails Organizer
IM4HI Staff