Christian Mission to the Orient                                  August, 2018
Equipping God's People for Works of Service

As I watched the rescue of the soccer team in northern Thailand, I thought about the emotions the boys must have felt.   All they could do was wait and hope for rescue.  Talk about having no control!   

In a much smaller way, we all have experienced moments when life seems out of control. Things aren't going the way we expected or wanted. 

LTC Alumni, Thanida says that pretty much wraps up her life!  Following graduation,  God kept sending her on detours that seemed unrelated and unnecessary.   Here is her testimony of God's faithfulness.  I hope her story encourages you as much as it did me.   

Carmen Filbeck

Detours Necessary 
I grew up in a Christian family.  My parents were farmers in the mountains.  There was no high school in my village, so they sent me to a live at a Christian Dormitory.   At the dorm  I grew in my knowledge of Jesus and eventually gave my life to Him.   But,  I wasn't really very serious in my faith.   As I finished my senior year I didn't know what I wanted to do next.  All I knew was what I didn't want to do. But,  that was exactly what my parents were pushing!       "Go to Bible College!"   

The missionary at my dorm I offered to pay for any Bible college of my choice.  My best friend decided to go to Lanna Theological Center.   At that point, I had no other option so I tagged along.  

I loved my time at LTC.   My teachers, classes, and practicum experiences all worked together to open my heart to God's call to service.  By the time I graduated I was excited and ready to jump into ministry.   I had it all planned out.  I would work with a mission located in the city.  There was no way I wanted to return to the mountain village.   I don't remember praying about my plan.  But things started to fall into place.   I was offered an internship with the Prosperous Youth Foundation in Chiang Mai. 

Then my sponsor took me aside and told me she had prepared an internship for me as a children's supervisor at a youth home i n a mountain village.  I didn't know this village and I did not want to go. But, my classmates prayed with me and I soon realized God had spoken.   So, I packed my bags and went back to the mountains.   It was a hard year, but I learned to watch for God's activity.  It wasn't my first choice, but I soon realized that I needed to be there.  God was teaching me dependence. 

Following my internship God gave me the chance to spend a year in Australia.  I worked with a youth camp.  I improved my English skills and learned tons of new youth ministry ideas.   When I got back to Thailand I had no idea where God was going to send me next.     After 6 months of waiting, I was finally hired.   The very organization I was suppose to do my internship hired me as a full time staff.   My job is to work in their brand new Bi-lingual preschool.    The goal is to develop relationships with working  families in the city in order to share the Gospel.   

Looking back what I thought were No's were actually Yes's.   God knew the tools I would need to accomplish the original dream.  He took me down the necessary detours, prepared me and set me back on the path.      Despite all the detours,  I had come full circle.    God is amazing!
Equipped to Serve
Thanida continues to partner with LTC in various ministry programs as she has time.  She has served as a translator for several COB medical Clinic teams.   

 And in June, 2018 she partnered with LTC faculty to host a retreat for women from a neighboring place.   The Church in that location is still under persecution so large meetings are not possible.    

 In fact, 30 of the women were stopped at the border for several long agonizing hours while officials interrogated them.  Praise the Lord they were given permission to cross the river and attend the retreat. 

We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.   Please continue to be in prayer for the following : 

1.  LTC students as they finish the second half of term one. Pray that they will stay focused and alert to God's voice speaking into their life.  
2.  Plans in process for student teams to participate in youth Camps during the October break. 
3.  Thanida and the Prosperous Youth Foundation as they open the Bi-lingual pre-school. 
4.  Staff as everyone juggles family and ministry.   Many of us do a lot of travel and we appreciate prayers for safety and productive meetings.        


We pray for YOU, our partners in ministry.  That God will richly bless you and all you do for His Kingdom.   

To Him be the Glory, 

The CMO Team