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October 2014
We rescued 9 animals in September, but these three boys stories are front and center. Spencer (bottom right)  and Jacks (left) were left at the center, in the evening hours, waiting to be found.  Steeler (top right) was shot multiple times and just left behind.  

Spencer was left tied up to the back fence in the alley without even enough give on his leash to lie down. Basically left defenseless to the elements, he made it through the night and thankfully he did not fall victim to other stray or wild animals.  Spencer was vetted, received a clean bill of health and neutered and now is at the center enjoying his socialization while he awaits his forever home.  

Volunteers arrived to open the center to find Jack, in a box, at the front door. Cold and scared they scooped him up and brought him in. The fact that he didn't try to escape the box, wasn't a thought, but then it became clear when
he was taken to the vet.  When Jack was removed from the box, he just laid there.  No attempts to move or stand.  Doctors immediately ordered x-rays as they believed he may have suffered some type of blunt force trauma to his little body. That, however, was ruled out. Still, Jack, was in excruating pain when he attempted to stand or even tried to bear weight on his legs. Sadly, Jack's condition was worse off than we could have ever imagined.  He suffered from a genetic condition that affected his entire skeletal and circulatory system.  His x-rays showed thickness and deformaties of the bones in his knees and ankles making it very painful to even move, rendering him a quadriplegic.  Blood work showed his organs, already distressed would eventually shut down.  There was no treatment or medication that would offer any cure. Doctors strongly suggested euthanasia for Jack.  For his last few days here on earth, Jack was loved and cared. While this is heartbreaking, we can't dwell on what could have been but rather take comfort knowing that Jack is no longer in pain and can run, jump, bark and even wag his tail - all of the simple things a dog was meant to do.  

We received a phone call from DPD about a dog that had been shot and was found by a homeowner in their yard.  We we arrived on the scene, Steeler was laying on the cold wet ground.  He was very untrusting and it took a while to gain that trust to be able to put him on a stretcher and head off to urgent care.  It was discovered that he had sustained 3 gunshot wounds. One in the hind quarters, one in the front leg and the other bullet grazed his paw pad ripping it open up the middle.  Steeler underwent multiple surgeries to remove the bullet fragments and clean up the wound areas.  After he was stable, we received even more devastating news, Steeler was heart worm positive.  His heart worm treatment has been started and is now resting comfortably, in medical boarding, and expected to fully recover. 

If you would like to make a DONATION to help with the medial costs for Spencer, Jack or Steeler as well as any of our other rescue's care, we would greatly appreciate it.

**please note that all donation links in this newsletter are directed to our crowdrise fundraising page to count toward the fundraising challenge through October 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm**   
What a great month for adoptions for DDR. MJ (top left), Envy (top right), Walter (bottom left) and Simba (bottom right) are just a handful and we ha total of 12 in all!!  We had two very successful adoption events in two amazing locations.  Mufflers and More in Walled Lake and Kroger in Macomb.  Beautiful weather, awesome turnout with supporters and most importantly, exposure for our awesome dogs.  

I have been flooded with emails regarding residents pit bulls, looking for advice and asking many questions regarding the breed. I thought I'd just give a little info on the breed for those of you that have pit bulls and those of you who don't. As most of you know, this is probably the most misunderstood type of dog of all the breeds. Pit bulls are made up of, at last count, some 23 different breeds. They definitely have a bad reputation, media influenced of course (one bad apple spoils the bunch). So much so that some cities have laws against owning a pit, as well as other bully breeds. This year, South Dakota actually banned any laws prohibiting residents from having a bully breed including the pit. 


They are a very energetic breed, and most owners don't understand that certain breeds, like pits, need to exert this energy daily. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple 20-30 minute walk to allow your dog to exhaust this energy. Being cooped up all day, inside or outside, sometimes can bring on anxiety, which can create a situation for any dog owner. And this can also apply to many other breeds besides the bully type. Pits can be very strong, and very rambunctious dogs. As a bully breed owner myself, I know it takes a lot of responsibility. They need lots of love and tender care, and they give back just as much if not more! 


It takes laws that hold owners responsible for their actions while caring for a bully breed like the pit for these certain myths to disappear. Until we are able to make this happen across the country, I implore you, if you are interested in owning a pit bull, or have a pit bull, to do your own due diligence, you will make your life easier, and more importantly you will make a dog very happy! 


Daniel "Hush" Carlisle

Executive Director



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We are proud to be a part of this challenge.  For the month of October, we are in the running to win $50,000 for DDR but we need you to make that happen.  
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Rover, one of our featured rescues from September's newsletter has found his forever home!  This guy will be living the spoiled life with his new best friend.
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