September 2014                

A note from our Executive Director!


Hello my friends, family, and extended family of furry friends! I'd like to thank you guys for your continued support of our vision that is Detroit Dog Rescue! We are at the 120 day mark of operations at our new center The Calvin Cash Boarding Center, and I must say, it's been an incredible ride so far. Some bumps along the way, but we are in constant overdrive, and with help from some of the best volunteers, each dog in our facility is given the best chance at a brand new life with a new loving family. With some 21 dogs at our center at the present moment and another 12 in foster homes, we are working diligently everyday to find families willing to open their doors and give one of our dogs a chance. Without the help from you, our donors, these dogs wouldn't be given the ability to fight or survive. We have seen so many dogs left in foreclosed homes, or simply surrendered to us because so many families aren't financially capable of being a responsible dog owner. So much of what we do is based on education, and informing the neighborhoods of what it takes to be responsible. Keeping up on their shots, making sure they have a healthy diet and are exercised daily, even with just a simple walk around a few blocks. It may seem like common sense to us, but there are plenty of uneducated dog owners who simply put, only see their dog as an animal and not as a best friend. Someone who will love you back, play with you, who has a huge heart and loves to serve. It doesn't take much to look into a dogs eyes and see the emotion it's feeling, and we here at DDR, witness the hurt, the pain, the fear, the nervousness, the anger, and the fighter. What our volunteers try to do is to work with these animals, to give them the space to breathe, trust, and are given the room to believe in us, that we are only there to help not hurt. It disgusts me, the things I hear or find out on a daily basis what happened to one of our rescues. It's sickening and needs to stop, and we are those agents of change that work to make a difference in each and every one of their lives. We speak to the community about the impact of spay & neutering, and how it affects not only populations, but the health risks associated with dogs who have yet to be spayed or neutered. DDR was given a grant within our spay/neuter program we've just completed 154 spay/neuter proceedures for residents of Detroit and surrounding areas.  It has to start somewhere. It's a very important subject, and can be touchy sometimes in conversation, but we never give up in our debate and will do everything we can to control the state of the homeless dog in the city. So many dogs in the city are homeless, starving, diseased, dying, or left to die, and they need your help right now. Please find it in your heart to help and donate to Detroit Dog Rescue. At DDR, every dollar counts. Every minute wasted another dog is let go, killed, or left abandoned, scared, with no help at all. We care greatly, and it is our passion & work that we uphold to a standard, that every dog is given everything that is needed so it is not left to the ruins of our society to starve, shed, or pathetically suffer. As the first officially recognized no-kill rescue center in the city of Detroit, titled by Governor Rick Snyder, we will do whatever it takes to help these dogs find that loving family and the warmth of a new home. Please donate today, and make a difference in a homeless dog's life.


Daniel "Hush" Carlisle

Co-Founder/Executive Director


Rescue Spotlight

These sweet boys are two of our most recent rescues. Peppler (top) was being used a bait dog and left tied up to a porch when his services weren't needed. When he received his medical work up we discovered that he was heart worm positive. Treatment was started immediately and he is recovering comfortalbly with a foster. Rover (bottom) was discovered by a Fannie Mae representative when he entered a home in Detroit.  He was in pretty bad shape, physically. He needed to put on weight before he could even be neutered. After a 3 week stay at the vet, he was medically cleared and has now joined us at the Calvin Cash Boarding Center as he patiently awaits for his future family to take him home!  Providing the love an attention that all of our rescues deserve is the easy part, providing the funds that are needed to give them the proper medical care and training that may be needed for a successful transition into their forever homes, is the challenge. That's where we need your help!  Sign up for your monthly recurring donation today and be a part of making a difference in their futures. 
Fall Events
We're kicking off fall with a couple of fun events:

Saturday - September 20, 2014 - Adoption Event @ Mufflers & More in Walled Lake, MI. Come out and meet your furry family member from 11 am - 3 pm!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014 - Walk 2 Rescue - Come join us for a fund filled day of friends, food and furry family members while we come together and walk to raise funds for the dogs of Detroit.  For detailed event information and to register please visit: 

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