Devastating, Heart-wrenching, Terrifying

Those are just a few of the words that could describe the recently released 911 calls from terrified teenagers on the night of the Brooklyn Homes shooting. In one call, the dispatcher can be heard asking the teen her location. Unfortunately, the panicked teen hears what sounds like more gunshots and continues to implore the dispatcher for aid.


Yet here we are, more than one month since the shooting that left 28 injured and 2 dead, and we have no suspects or arrests.


People all over Baltimore deserve better than this.


That is why we continue to demand answers from the city government and the people who were elected to be the voice of residents. This past Saturday, we held another Power Up Community Meeting at Nile Style Barbershop.


We spoke to residents who made it clear that politicians are not holding up their end of the bargain. Residents deserve a safe, clean environment, and a great education for their children. We will not stop until residents have those things.

We will continue to host community meetings as we consider what other ballot questions or other initiatives to take to further this goal. Please join us and bring your friends.

Our next meeting will be held at The Lord's Church (5010 Park Heights Ave) on Thursday, August 24 at 6 PM.

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