Did you see this article

It’s tragic.

At least 744 Canadians chose to end their lives this year through physician-assisted suicide.

And that number is expected to rise.

It is alarming that people feel that there is no better choice in our healthcare system than to end their lives.

And just as bad: medical professionals are facing pressure to act against their deeply-held beliefs and terminate the lives of their patients.

Check out this quote from the article:

“We have faith-based units, palliative care centres and hospitals that currently will not even permit discussion of the range of end-of-life issues. I think that’s just really very oppressive.”

That there are medical professionals that do not want kill their patients is oppressive?

This is wrong.  We live in Canada and we enjoy certain freedoms. 

As Canadians, we need to encourage our doctors and nurses to deliver excellent health care, not force them against their conscience and their deeply held convictions. 

I said as much at the Moncton debate.

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