Aftermath of Hurricane Iota in Chajmaic, Guatemala,
November 21, 2020


There have been many generous donations, and we were able to deliver groceries to the entire village of Chajmaic, Guatemala on November 12th.

However, Hurricane Iota delivered a strong punch to Guatemala, and to the region, causing flooding conditions, landslides in the mountainous region road blockages, and road closures, and, even if they were to have funds, people in the village have been unable to get out to get groceries.

After this 2nd powerful hurricane, the waters have receded from 3 feet to perhaps 2 feet, but everything in the homes is flooded   
A dirt road has become part of the river, and much has been lost.  
The people are trying to protect what is precious to them, especially salvage what little food they can.
Water, in its essence, is healing and it gives life. 
But water can also destroy.  
Those of us who live in the U.S. and are fortunate to be free of natural disasters, can see the damage caused by recent hurricanes in Central America and ask ourselves what we can do. Sowing Opportunities is creating a solution:

By raising funds, we are providing a means for the people of the village of Chajmaic, Guatemala to have groceries.
to share with one another:
and the entire village of 3,000 people gets groceries.
Unfortunately, another hurricane, Kappa, is set to hit Guatemala within 10 days,
depending on the storm trajectory.
This says that Tropical Hurricane Kappa
is poised to hit the same area as Hurricanes Eta and Iota and
The Caribbean area continues to be a
hotbed of tropical casualties and hurricanes.
After Eta and Iota, now another hurricane
is set to hit the same area.
* When it is safe, Sowing Opportunities will organize another groceries delivery to the entire village. *
100% of your donations go to buy groceries for the people of Chajmaic. We do not take any funds for this work.

We are seeking to widen our circle. Thank you to all those who have contributed and shared our message. If you have not already done so, would you share this email or this link: with your friends and family?

We maintain the vision of our mission of true sustainability by building a greenhouse so the people can manage and sustain themselves.

Thank you for being a part of this effort. Donations can be made at . You can contact us at .

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