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Prosperity & Goodness!
Autumn 2016     

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Prosperity & Goodness
There is a kind of endurance that goes along with practicing any kind of healing art. Some days grow long, some patients push us to the limits of our knowledge & experience, sometimes we feel the disappointment of the less than stellar way a patient has responded to our care, sometimes we work with patients who push our buttons!

Thankfully we also have the good stories, the happy news, and hopefully the positive evolution of both our patients and ourselves. We receive positive feedback, maybe get a card with rich sentiment or see someone after many years, who has blossomed and is now robust and centered, in part, due to our efforts. Sometimes after a long day in the office, I am tired, but I am never discouraged. It remains a great gift to have found this work, to have the chance to know people in the intimate and meaningful ways that homeopathy allows, in fact, demands. Recently, at the end of a busy day, I looked out of my clinic window & saw this: WOW!
Fall Rainbow
Although there are mountains of work to be done to bring healing, peace and fairness to this wide world, & although there is ongoing violence and all its aftermath -- at that moment, I was humbled and awed and was reminded of the promise of prosperity & goodness at the end of the rainbow! We hope the colors are coming alive in your life wherever you are!
Happy Autumn, 
Amy Rothenberg ND (& Paul Herscu ND, MPH)

When the Fabric of Safety Is Shattered:
Healing from tragedies, terror & violence - natural help for PTSD
By Amy Rothenberg ND

This year we have seen unprecedented acts of terrorism and violence in the United States and abroad-from Orlando to Brussels, Nice, Istanbul, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and beyond. Any society that experiences such tragedies has deep issues across wide areas, such as income inequality, racism and, of course, untreated mental illness. Solutions are not easy and are political and societal in nature. But for a practicing physician, the problems come in the form of sick patients.
Twenty-eight-year-old Kelly lived in a town that had gone through a mass-shooting event, and her whole world had been shaken to its core. She knew several family members of victims, and she had lived through the heavy media coverage with reporters, cameras, and news trucks swarming her community, and then watching friends and associates being interviewed on the evening news shows.

Some years after this event, Kelly first came to see me for help because she was in a state of overwhelm and anxiety. A previous doctor had diagnosed her with panic disorder. Both Kelly and her mother reported that though she had been a sensitive child and a somewhat shy teenager, anxiety had not been part of her day-to-day experience before the mass-shooting event near her home. Both mother and daughter saw this tragic event as a pivot point, which had powerfully impacted Kelly and made it so she could not move forward in her life. Kelly was experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Develop Expertise in Homeopathy
NESH 10 Weekend Course in 
Amherst, Massachusetts
October 2016
- April 2018
Friday night, Saturday & Sunday every other month 
Studying with NESH Offers:
- A philosophical approach that clarifies what happens in practice nesh new logo
- Streamlines case taking
- Presents materia medica in an organized, concise way
- Leads to logical repertory use; prevents errors
- Guides case analysis with a strong consistent philosophy
- For beginners: fast learning curve that emphasizes organization & understanding
- For more experienced practitioners: helps prevent common & challenging mistakes

Available for those enrolled in the 2016-2018
10 Weekend Course in Amherst, Massachusetts 
The Herscu Module helps practitioners organize, synthesize and analyze patient information
 to apply the Cycles & Segments approach to case taking.
It is the software that Drs. Amy Rothenberg and Paul Herscu use in the classroom
 and at their practice to achieve more consistent results with their patients.

This offer is available for a limited time, exclusively through the New England School of Homeopathy for qualified NESH participants and alumni.

Join us for:  
Seattle, WA area Clinical Class   
for NESH Alumni - Keep the Learning Going! 
November 19-20, 2016 & January 21-22, 2017 
Our 25th Anniversary Special Continues: 2 weekends for the price of one!

Topic for both Weekends: Burn Out & Associated Syndromes:
Burnout Syndrome is one of the most common diagnoses, including short and long-term disability, with troubling psychological and physical symptoms and increasingly evident in younger generations. These two weekends we will cover prevention as well as diagnosis of this syndrome, and model homeopathic care and follow up illustrated by patients seen in class.
For logistical information on our clinical classes, click here.

Epidemic Updates from Paul Herscu ND, MPH

Dr. Herscu continues to write his thoughts on the current Zika virus. If you want
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We are once again supporting an offering to make homeopathic remedy kits available to our NESH community at discounted prices! NESH does not benefit financially from these sales, but for those who might like to give the gift of a kit, these are an excellent value.
   Ordering deadline is December 23rd, with no extensions.    
Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu are now accepting new
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