After a Year of Natural Disasters, Haitians Fight the Coronavirus
WWB Developing A Long-Term Vision for Haiti
There is an old saying that when countries like the US have the sniffles, the developing world gets pneumonia. But you don’t grasp the reality of that until you consider an example like Haiti.

After last year’s earthquake and flooding rains, the Coronavirus has now overwhelmed the people there. That hasn’t stopped the work of training and equipping new Water Women, but it has added another layer of difficulty for the Country Team, and for the people themselves.

As always, women walk for hours seeking a chance to become a Water Woman. But now some arrive at the training site with temperatures as high as 104°. Unfortunately, those who are sick cannot participate, so an additional Team member has to be on-site to test all the women.

“Not one day goes by that we don’t have to turn someone away – that really hurts,” said Gerry Delaquis, our Haiti Country Coordinator. “Unlike in the past, everyone is tested first, and someone is there to try to console those who are turned away. Then we have to tell the rest of the people why. It’s very difficult.”

Even with the added difficulties, the extra person has helped the Haiti Team stay on track to train 450 new Water Women each week.

“We have as many as 150 women show up for only 90 slots,” Gerry said. “It’s not an easy operation, but the Team has been very effective. We are trying to keep them healthy too, and trying to get their family members vaccinated. That way we can keep everyone healthy and working.”

In addition to the illness, aftershocks are keeping the people on edge and fearing another major earthquake. Then there is the constant wariness of gang activity.

“There isn’t a week that goes by without aftershocks,” Gerry said. “In Anse a Veau, there were three in one 24-hour period. According to official reports, in the Grand’Anse area there have been 87 aftershocks since last August. That makes people worry a lot, so we’re trying to concentrate on being proactive in these areas.

“And particularly in the northern part of Haiti there is still a lot of gang activity. We have to go in and out of Port au Prince, and there are ‘red’ areas in each direction. It’s not as bad as it was a while ago, but there is still danger. But that’s part of working in Haiti.”

To hear more from Gerry and Sr. Larraine about these life-saving efforts, and our vision for building the Haiti project, please log in to this week’s Waterside Chat.

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