To help relieve the emergency needs of disaster victims in our region, please give to the NCC Disaster Relief Fund.

The Glass, Shady, Boysen, Zogg, and North Complex West fires are currently raging throughout the Northern California Conference territory. Beginning at 4 a.m. yesterday and throughout the day, NCC members have been evacuated or are currently evacuating, some with just pajamas.   

NCC administrators, directors, and school superintendents are in constant contact with local pastors and educators, who are ministering to members and school families that were forced to evacuate  Local, state, and federal entities are in the areas, and our pastors are ensuring that the evacuated members are connecting to available resources. However, members still have emergency and immediate needs. 

“When you hear banging on the door at four in the morning, you know it is never good,” said evacuee Laurie Trujillo, NCC communication and development director. “Adrenaline kicks in, and you grab what you can and drive away. Then, it begins to hit you once you are out of the danger zone. What do I do now? Where do I go? For how long? Many of our members are feeling this right now, especially those who have lost their homes. The next seven days are when emergency and immediate needs begin to crop up, and the NCC has chosen to focus its efforts on helping during this period.”   

All donations will be used to meet the immediate and emergent needs of members and then the larger community within the first seven days after disaster strikes. If the Holy Spirit tugs at your heart, please give to the NCC Disaster Relief Fund.

Latest Updates
Although the news changes minute by minute, here is what we know at this time:

Glass, Shady, Boysen Fires
It has been reported that a number of NCC pastors and members have lost their homes in the Glass Fire.

In the Deer Park area, a building on the campus of Foothills Adventist Elementary School was lost in the fire. Baldwin Hall contained the office, library, music room, and grades 5/6 and 7/8 classrooms. The status of the other buildings on campus is unknown at this time. So far, one staff member and probably three or four school families have lost their homes.

“Please pray for our students, our families, and our staff,” said Principal Rob Ingham. “Pray for us as we move forward to go where God is leading us.”

Also located in the Deer Park area, The Haven church’s community building/thrift store has been lost. As of this morning, Elmshaven, the final home of Ellen White, is still standing. Find out the latest information on the Facebook page Elmshaven Landmark.

Information is still coming in from the Santa Rosa area.

North Complex West Fire
Church members are evacuating, and updates will be coming. Find additional fire news on the Plumas County website.

Zogg Fire
Redding church Pastor Robert Fisher reports that the fire came very close to several church members' homes yesterday. News is still coming in.

To find the latest news, please visit Cal Fire. Click to find updates about Adventist Health St. Helena and Pacific Union College.

We depend on reports from church members throughout the conference! If you have any information about the impact of fires in your area, please email
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