Free will is not just the freedom to decide; it is the ability to free yourself from unconscious emotional forces that too often dictate decisions.

-Dr. Keith Ablow

Gaining that clarity is essential, and it is possible. Once achieved, you will be acting with true intention, not recycling old dynamics. “How to Develop True Free Will” is meant to galvanize your commitment to the journey.
In order to become the most powerful creative force you can be in the world, you will need to know who you truly are. What does this mean? It means you will need to look into yourself, at the deepest levels, to SEE what events, forces, relationships and beliefs in every chapter of your life either contributed to your authenticity as a person or detracted from it. READ MORE
*but I’m trying

Charlie, my beagle, is 14-years-old. His vision is failing some. I have to speak more loudly, in order to tell him how much I love him (which I do quite a lot). And his miraculous sense of smell must be a little less than it once was, because it takes him a bit to find an errant treat on the floor, which used to be one or two seconds. Yet Charlie is still, in many ways, a better being than I and continues to suggest ways I can improve. READ MORE
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