Develop the perfect job search partnership! 
Our recruitment team shares 3 areas  that  make for a successful candidate recruiter relationship.

BUILD CONNECTIONS                                February 2018
Love Your Recruiter
Tips on Developing the Perfect Job Search Partnership

If you're searching for a new job there are many benefits in partnering with a recruiting firm. Because of their relationships with hiring managers and human resources a recruiter provides a lot of insight into the company and position. They also open new doors to expand your job search options. The trick is to align yourself with the right speciality recruiter and set yourself up for a successful relationship! Computer keybord with word search and heart icon, selected focus on enter button bacground, heart concept.
Our recruitment team highlights 3 focus areas below that will help make for the perfect candidate recruiter relationship.
Right Match. Not all recruiters are created equal, so it's important to find one that is a right fit for your specific skill set and industry. Partner with a speciality recruiter who understands what you do, how to position your skills to the right hiring managers and will have the most relevant positions to meet your career growth needs.
"A good Recruiter works for you and takes the time to understand what you're looking for in your next role. They ask questions, offer advice and help highlight your unique skills when presenting you for a new job opportunity."  Monica Stone - Digital, Creative & Marketing Recruiter
"When looking for the right recruiter, don't look for someone that just wants to send your resume to the hiring manager. Look for a recruiter that wants to find out what you have done and where you want to go!" Jesse Baskin - IT Recruiter
Communication is Key. It's important that you as a candidate communicate honestly what you're looking for (specific job titles, target companies, benefits, salary requirements, etc.) and where you are in the job search process. In return a good recruiter will communicate with you throughout the entire process providing insights, feedback, updates and even stays connected once you're hired.
"Communication is the key to creating any great relationship. I'm honest and open with my candidates and ask that they do the same." Karen Kersten - IT Recruiter
"Transparency is a MUST. As a recruiter it becomes very difficult to help a talent when we do not have an accurate idea of the entire picture." Shannon Harrison - Digital, Creative & Marketing Recruiter
Be Open to Feedback and Guidance.   One of the biggest benefits in working with a recruiter is the insight they provide into the company, position and hiring process. Candidates need to be open to their honest feedback on resume formatting and edits that will resonate with the hiring manager. A recruiter will also help you research and get prepared to do your best in the interview and ultimately land the job!
"Working with a recruiter gives you insight into to a client that you would not otherwise have. It's important job candidates capitalize on this knowledge when it comes to creating your resume and getting prepared for the interview." Cathy Rodger - IT Recruiter
"We need talent to be open minded about receiving assistance with resume revisions and interview preparations. The candidate who is open to fine tuning his/her resume in addition to prepping for the interview will always be the one to get the job." Briana LoChiatto - Digital, Creative & Marketing Recruiter
Looking for a new job is never easy, so it's helpful to have someone in your corner. Make sure you're partnering with the right recruiter who is a specialist. You will uncover a relationship that lasts the life of your career.

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