Introducing the New Zoning Map
The Development Services Department (DSD) is excited to announce our new and improved One-Stop Zoning map.

The easy-to-use map will be available on the DSD website beginning Feb. 1, 2019, and can be found on the right side of the page, in the Quick Links section of Online Services.

The new One-Stop Zoning map includes all existing features from the current map, plus improved functionality like:
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Faster load times
  • Customizable print features

DSD has created a One Stop Zoning Map user guide to assist with basic features, address search, map layers, and more.  Please note that in the map there is an abbreviated tutorial that you can opt in to review.  

The current One-Stop Zoning map was last updated in 2009, and will continue to be available for use through March 15.

We encourage you to give the new map a try. Please note that if you find any discrepancies with the map or have comments or feedback, please email us at
W e look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the new map!  
Short Term Rental Permits are Required starting Feb. 11
On Nov. 1, 2018, City Council approved the Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance. As a reminder, in order to operate a STR in the city limits of San Antonio, a permit will be required effective Feb. 11, 2019. 

You can apply for the permit today by downloading the online STR Permit form . On Feb. 1, DSD and the Finance Department will release an Internet based application form. 

One last DSD Academy STR session will be offered on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 9 a.m.

To view the STR Ordinance, or learn more about the program, visit the Short Term Rental website .
COMCheck Updated to include 2018 IECC
The City of San Antonio adopted the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which became effective Oct. 1, 2018. For all new residential buildings and new commercial buildings, additions, and any remodels where all walls and ceiling cavities are exposed, and/or for full new mechanical, hot water or electrical lighting systems, it is required that an energy conservation compliance report be submitted with the application. A passing COM check (for commercial projects) or RES check (for residential projects) are acceptable energy conservation compliance reports.

Both COM check-Web and COM check for Windows were released on June 29, 2018 to include the 2018 IECC as well as the 2016 ASHRAE 90.1.

The RES check-Web was released on Oct. 18, 2018 to include the 2018 IECC. Because the RES check for Windows with the 2018 IECC is not currently available, DSD will accept passing RES check reports based on the 2015 IECC.

The COM check and RES check software can be accessed through
BuildSA Update
Great news! The BuildSA Team has started working on Release 2. On Jan. 10, 2019, City Council approved a contract with GCOM Software, Inc. to deliver the remaining phases of the project. We anticipate the next phase will take approximately 30-months to complete. 

BuildSA Preliminary Plan Reviews
With the launch of BuildSA came the ability to schedule your Land Development Preliminary Plan Review (PDPR). As a Land Development customer, you can use BuildSA to schedule a meeting with various groups including Subdivision and Addressing, Office of Historic Preservation and Engineering Streets to discuss your upcoming project. During this session, you can obtain clarification on major items that might impact the overall cost of your project, cause project delays or may include a code violation, prior to the formal submittal of a plat.
At this time, the BuildSA online application for PDPR is only available for customers interested in platting or rezoning property. For more information, please see Information Bulletin 516 .

Development Services is looking forward to extending these services and providing customers the option to submit a Building Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) using our new BuildSA Online System. In the meantime, if you are interested in scheduling a PPR meeting to discuss the submittal of a final construction plan, visit Information Bulletin 116 or email for additional information.  
Citizen Access now offers an added functionality in Step 2 of the Create an Application process, allowing an email opt-out feature. To select this opt-out functionality for a contact on your application, first find the contact on the contact list and select the contact by clicking on the corresponding contact’s Edit link (step 1).
Next, the Contact Information screen displays. Check the Do Not Receive Email Notifications box (step two, image 2, left). Then, click Continue to return to the Application (step three, image 2). At this point, you may continue creating your application.  Note: The contact will not receive email notifications for any application until this option is unchecked.
This upgrade was incorporated into the system based on customer feedback. Please continue to read our newsletters for the latest information about Citizen Access. Should you have any feedback, please email us .
Legislative Process News
The 86th Texas Legislature began meeting on Jan. 8, 2019; legislators may file bills through March 8. DSD, in partnership with the Department of Government and Public Affairs, is currently reviewing bills, which may have an impact on departmental operation. 

DSD and Government Affairs are also lobbying the Legislature for an amendment to State Law that would allow our Code Enforcement Officers to be equipped with “bite sticks” in order to protect them from dog bites in the course of their duties.

Development Services will continue to monitor the legislative bills throughout the process and keep you informed of any activity relating to our development process. As these bills come up, we will keep you posted.
Save the Dates! SABCA Classes are Coming Soon
The San Antonio Building Codes Academy (SABCA) is a South/Central Texas regional training academy, sponsored by the Development Services Department. SABCA’s goal is to bring high-quality educators and necessary building-related codes training to code officials, design professionals, builders, tradesmen and building owners and managers. The training provides Continuing Education Units (CEU) and is provided by International Code Council (ICC) professional instructors.

Save the date for the next SABCA training sessions: March 25-26 and April 8-9. These sessions will take place at the Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center, Gathering Hall, 8400 N.W. Military Highway, San Antonio, TX.

More details will be shared in the February newsletter. In the meantime, comments and questions can be referred to Charlotte Barrett , Special Projects Manager, or for more information, visit us on our SABCA website
Mary Rogers, BOA Retiree
Online Resources
The Information Bulletin (IB) listed below had recent changes; to learn more, select the link.  

This IB was revised to assist customers in understanding the portable storage units as a primary, secondary/accessory, temporary and converted use requirements. This IB has also addresses these applications in residential and non-residential zoning districts. 

Note: The 2018 International Council Codes went into effect Oct. 1. As a result, DSD updated many of the IBs to reflect editorial revisions to the forms, including changes to show 2018 ICC instead of 2015 ICC. 

For a complete list of resources, visit the following sites:

Performance Measures & Permit Report
Performance Measures
The performance measures report is available online .
Permit Report
Job Opportunities
If you are interested in joining our department, apply online .
Department News
For promotions, new hires, and certification news, click here .
From the Office of Sustainability - SA Climate Ready
SA Climate Ready released its first draft of our Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP). The draft release marks the start of a 30-day public open comment period where we encourage feedback from all members of our community to ensure the plan is in line with the vision of all San Antonians.

To view the plan, take our survey, and provide feedback, please visit . For questions or more details, contact Chris Wilcut with the Office of Sustainability . We look forward to hearing from you!
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