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  • DSD is Here to Help
  • ISPSC Change & ICC News
  • FY 2021 Budget Process
  • PCTAC Nominations
  • Happy Pride Month
  • Return to Work Plan
  • Online Resources
  • Performance Measures
  • City Holiday
DSD is Here to Help Get Your Business Done!
As we continue to navigate through COVID-19, DSD is working hard to minimize risks related to the spread. The health and safety of our staff, customers, and visitors is our top priority. To support this effort, only five customers at a time are allowed in the building during business hours. All customers and staff who enter the building will go through a health screening and have their temperature checked. We also practice face cloth coverings and social distancing. As such, we ask all visitors to wear their face covering while inside the building and to keep a minimum 6 to 10' distance from each other, limiting close personal interactions with staff. 
New this month is the curbside pickup for plans only. DSD has three designated parking spots outside the building, near the back entrance. To obtain your plan, call the phone number on the sign and provide the parking space number. Your plan will be delivered to you at your car shortly after. Please ensure your payment has been made prior to pickup.
DSD will maintain the current process for the DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP  of project plans, applications and required documents. Drop-off and pick-up times remain the same, 7:45 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), with drop off only from 4 - 4:30 p.m.
ISPSC C hange and ICC News
The state requires the city to adopt the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) by Sept. 1, 2020. As such, DSD has scheduled a couple of virtual Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board Review Committee meetings to meet this deadline.

Resulting from COVID-19, the International Code Council (ICC) Code Review Committees for 2021 are currently on hold.
Speaking of ICC, the Development Services Department was highlighted in the June 2020 ICC Building Safety Journal publication, Building department leaders: San Antonio department is “trailblazer” due to achieving accreditation . The article highlights DSD's latest accreditation and the amazing work our department does to ensure the safety of the San Antonio community.
FY 2021 Budget Process
The FY 2021 City Budget process kicked off on May 28, 2020 and is now in full swing. The city expects this budget to be a challenge due to the pandemic. Last Friday, City Council had a Special Session for goal setting and the trial budget discussion with the City Manager and department directors. The City Manager has stated on several occasions that his two goals with this budget are to keep city employees working and to maintain city service s. Schedule highlights include:

  • Jun. 18 – A Session: Five Year Financial Forecast and Trial Budget Presentation
  • Jun. 26 – Special Session: City Council Goal Setting and Trial Budget Discussion  
  • Aug. 6 – A Session: FY 2021 Proposed Operating and Capital Budget Presentation
  • Sep. 17 – A Session: FY 2021 Budget Adoption

To have a say in this year's budget, please take the FY 2021 Budget Survey . The budget affects every San Antonian. Tell us what services matter most to you.

Once adopted, the FY 2021 city budget will run Oct. 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021.
PCTAC Nomination Process Update
The City of San Antonio Planning Commission received a total of 25 applications for membership on the Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC). The PCTAC advises the Planning Commission on matters relating to the Unified Development Code (UDC), Major Thoroughfare Plan, Transportation Plan as well as other components of the City’s Master Plan. It consists of 18 voting members, 6 of whom actively serve on an official City board such as the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment or Parks and Recreation Board. The remaining 12 members are “non-City Official” members representing a cross-section of community interests. All member categories have an alternate in order to ensure quorum and representations from the PCTAC category. PCTAC members will play an integral role in the UDC Amendments process.

There are eight positions on the PCTAC which are either currently vacant or have a member’s term expiring. Those positions are:

  • Environmental/Historic category – 1 Alternate
  • Planning Professional – 1 Primary & 1 Alternate
  • Registered Professional Engineer – 1 Primary
  • Development/Real Estate Professional – 1 Primary
  • Community – 2 Primaries & 1 Alternate

The Nominating Committee, appointed by the Planning Commission, will begin to review the applications in the coming weeks and will make their recommendations to the full Planning Commission, who will then appoint members to the open positions.
Happy Pride Month!
Throughout June, DSD flew the Pride Rainbow Flag at the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center to celebrate Pride month.

Standing in solidarity with San Antonio's LGBTQ+ community, the department recognizes the impact LGBTQ+ people have in the world and acknowledges the contributions of the City’s LGBTQ+ employees.

Pride month commemorates the Stonewall riots that occurred at the end of June 1969, in New York City.

The City of San Antonio is committed to equity and diversity for everyone.
Return to Work Plan
The city has started opening various workplaces for business. DSD's lobby is tentatively scheduled to fully open late summer. Like today, customers will be encouraged to take advantage of curbside and online services. DSD managers, Tony Felts, Jorge Manzano, Sharon Trudeau, are working on the department's  Return to Work  plan. When the department does fully open, DSD will have some new things in place, including limited occupancy, hand sanitizer stations, and plastic screens at the counter.   We anticipate the virtual board and commission meetings to continue through the end of summer. More info will be shared as available.
Online Resources
The following Information Bulletins (IB) recently posted:

IB 132 was revised to include an extension to the Special Inspector certification requirement deadline from Aug.1, 2020 to Dec. 31.

The revision for IB 106 includes a link to the fee schedule, and removed the actual dollar amount of the fees.

For a complete list of resources, visit the following sites:

Performance Measures
Performance Measures
The complete Performance Measures report is available  online .
Permit Activity
City Holiday
Happy 4th of July! As we get ready to celebrate our Nation's freedom, take this time to enjoy your loved ones and friends. Remain vigilant and continue to fight the COVID-19 spread by keeping your distance at all times. If you can’t keep your distance, then wear your face mask.  

Thank you for your support, stay safe, and don’t forget to wash your hands! 
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