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BuildSA Brief

Great news! The BuildSA team is one step closer to meeting the Land Development, Functional Group (FG) 1, timelines to deliver a one-stop system that both our customers and employees can enjoy.
From September 2015 through today, the team has made significant progress with the FG1 phase, and is on track to go into production at the end of this calendar year. Between the designing and developing of the business processes, we are just about ready to start testing the new system. As such, Training Room A will be a dedicated BuildSA computer lab beginning June 1, 2016, giving employees and customers an opportunity for hands-on training.
The project team will continue to perform data assessment, migration and cleansing activities throughout June for FG1, while gathering requirements for FG2, Plan Review and Field Services. 
A special 'Thank you' to the BuildSA team for all the work they have contributed to the project: 
The Development Services Department is excited about our new BuildSA system and will continue to bring you monthly updates.
Roof Repair and Permits

Recen t storms in San Antonio have caused considerable roof damage to many of our homes, leading to many re-roof projects.  Before you begin these repair projects, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
  • Your roof contractor is required to obtain a City permit to re-cover or fully replace your roof.
  • A drip edge is now required on all roofs per City Code. This will provide additional waterproofing protection for your home and roof. 
Why is it necessary to get a permit?
  • To safeguard the safety of your family and ensure your project follows the City's building codes.
  • To ensure that your home roof contractor is properly registered and licensed with the City of San Antonio, properly pulls City building permits and has passed the required criminal background check.
  • It's the law.  Work without the proper permit can result in citations ranging from $300 to $1,000 to the contractor and/or homeowner.
  • The City's Code Enforcement can issue a "Stop" work order to cease all work until a permit is issued causing an unnecessary delay to your repair project. A double fee penalty will also apply for starting the work before acquiring your permit.
  • When selling your home, you generally need to show the work was done with the proper permit.
The cost of a home re-roof permit is $26.50 and is typically obtained directly by your roofing contractor. Visit the Residential Permitting site to learn more about permits. 

You can check if the contractor you are hiring is properly registered with the City through our
Visit the 2015 International Residential Code to see all the City Code requirements for your new roof.

Performance Measures - FY 2016


Performance Measures



The complete Performance Measures Report is available online


Permit Activity      



Information Bulletins and Other Resources

The resources provided below include noteworthy changes; please review to ensure you have the latest information available: 
This Rule Interpretation explains that lots fronting to a Paper Street and is using it for access will be required to meet the minimum pavement standards when platting or requesting a building permit.

For a complete list of resources, visit the sites shared below:  
The DSD Resources website also offers more information, including Document Search, Forms and Applications, and Latest News.
Parking Lot Update

On May 19, City Council approved the parking lot contract, meaning we have the okay to start building. Some of the parking lot features include:   
  • More than 80 parking spaces available for DSD Staff
  • LID feature is bioswale
  • Fence will have an art component of a water themed look (similar to the railing on our staircase and the 2nd floor balcony)
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Access control gate during business hours
    •  Available to the public after hours 
  • ADA enhanced crosswalk with new ADA curb ramp at the SW corner of S. Alamo
    and S. Flores
    •  New crosswalk markings added to S. Alamo street crossing
We anticipate the construction to start early June with a 90-day timeline for completion.

Graffiti Wipeout
The 13 th Annual City Employee Graffiti Wipeout took place on May 21. With a total of 135 City employees, family and friends abate graffiti, this group of volunteers did a great job in making San Antonio beautiful by cleaning a detention pond, repainting park furniture and beautifying two sets of handrails along the Mission Trail.  Thank you to all who participated in this annual event. 

City News


Don't delay, register today. Children will enjoy eight weeks of recreation-themed activities during the summer.  


The City of San Antonio presents the City Insider podcast outlining the most important issues and exciting city projects. 

Join us during our celebration of the City's 300th anniversary in 2018!

Other Department News
 - Customer Comments, New Hires, Recognition, etc.  
Here's what you said about us...
Jackie Corona, Development Services Supervisor, Customer Advocate, Plan Review
I take this opportunity to express gratitude for the outstanding service provided by Jaclyn Corona.  She is a true professional and manifests an extraordinary ability to interact and relate to customers, one others should emulate.

Mark Bird, City Arborist, Tree Preservation, Land Development
Ruth Wells wrote a letter to the City Manager regarding a tree that had been damaged in her neighborhood.  The lead on the scene was Mark Bird who coordinated efforts to have the damaged tree safely removed. She wrote 'the men were professional, courteous, efficient and highly skilled'.

Dominic Silva, Development Services Specialist, Customer Advocate, Plan Review
Silva was extremely helpful to researching my specific topic and he was very patient. Topic was "Tree Maintenance - classes &  licensing.

Juanita Romero, Planner, Land Entitlements and Eric Rodriguez, Sr. Plans Examiner, Tree Preservation, Land Development
We were able to get the Champions Park unit 4D plat approved for recording in a timely manner with the help of  planning staff, with minimal time remaining before missing the deadline. We  very much appreciate the staff assistance and attention to getting this plat recorded.

Frank Perez, Neighborhood Services Supervisor, Code Enforcement Graffiti Abatement Team, Field Services
Frank  is always willing to assist me in graffiti abatement and has his crews out to help us abate graffiti. Thanks, Great Northwest A-Team!

Leslie Ruiz, Sr. Plans Examiner, Plan Review
Leslie promptly responded to my phone call and follow-up email. Within two hours of submitting our plan review response our permit was released. Thank you for accepting an electronic copy to speed things up!

Debbie Gaitan, Planner, Addressing Team, Land Development
Debbie added parcel numbers to approximately 12 permits for me yesterday and also added the 1" backflow without me having to call in again to have it added. I appreciate her extra effort and it saved me quite a lot of time.

Cecil Miller, Combination Building Inspector , Field Services
Cecil was prompt, courteous and professional. Very much appreciated!
New Employees








Congratulations to our DSD employees who received the following certifications: 

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Development Services is recruiting for the following positions; apply on-line at:  jobs.

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