The development previously known as The Great Southern Hotel

For many months, even before the destruction of the historic hotel, the north side of 19th avenue has been closed for traffic. The community assumed this was temporary, but we are in November and the road is still closed. This is extremely dangerous as some drivers are unaware that the road is closed for two way traffic. Our community is requesting that the city open that street for two way traffic immediately as it should not be used as part of the development project.

Several days ago we were also notified of a new street closure.

Block 40 Project in Downtown Hollywood

"Constructions crews will be on-site at the “Block 40” Development, located at Young Circle between Hollywood Boulevard and Harrison Street, for an early morning concrete pour. This concrete operation is scheduled to begin at 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 3rd, and may cause some unexpected noise in the Downtown area during the early morning hours. Should inclement weather force a reschedule, the alternate date is Wednesday, November 4th at 4:00 a.m. This first pour of over 1,000 yards of concrete is needed to construct the “L8 Amenity Deck” of the property. A Florida Highway Patrol/Hollywood Police officer will be on-site to assist with traffic control as necessary."
-The City of Hollywood

So, with this action taking place at 4:00 AM our streets are being used by the developer as part of their construction area. Assuming the building will be a minimum of 15 stories this and other actions utilizing our streets at different times will continue.

Parking, employees, and trades people

Apparently the city is approving all projects in downtown, Parkside and Royal Poinciana without making allowances for parking, deliveries, supplies and equipment on the development property. This should not take place on our city streets. Most of these neighborhoods, including downtown, are historic streets never meant for these kinds of development. If developers do not have the ability to be self contained and therefore must utilize public domain for their construction, the projects should not be approved by the city.

In addition, this developer each day takes over our streets south of their Hollywood Blvd project for use by employees. Continuous complaints from the residents that range from overcrowded streets and no masks to employees getting undressed on the sidewalks have fallen on deaf ears. Residents can no longer find parking in their own neighborhood since it is being used by the employees. We were told by the city that they were not required to provide parking for their employees and trades people.

The only way that these issues can be alleviated is by making sure that all development projects are self contained, with parking allowances and deliveries or not approved at all. This is one example of what is to come with all of the approved projects in our neighborhoods, there is more to come with more projects and less space for them.

For a link to approved projects in all three neighborhoods and Young Circle visit our website here
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