July 2021
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Dressage at Devon
September 28-October 3, 2021
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September 28 - October 3, 2021

Dressage at Devon Announces Preliminary
Individual Breed Show Classes

Melanie Sloyer, Chair of the Breed Division at Dressage at Devon, announced the preliminary list of Individual Breed Classes (IBC) for the 2021 show. “The IBC classes have been a favorite for many years, allowing breeders to showcase their favorite breed. From Haflingers to Hanoverians, each breed brings their own distinctive qualities to the equestrian world,” said Breed Show Chair, Melanie Sloyer.
Don’t see your favorite? To sponsor a breed, please contact Melanie Sloyer at msloyer@aol.com.
Class 130 ISR- Oldenburg- Sponsored by the ISR-Oldenburg Registry North America. Horses entered in this class must be recorded with the ISR-Oldenburg NA and owner must be a member in good standing. Information: Lisa Lamb 815-899-7803 or ISREG@aol.com

Class 131 Hanoverian- Sponsored by American Hanoverian Society. Horses must be registered with AHS and owner of record must be a current year AHS member. Information: Joanne Hodges 859- 255-4141 or JHodges@Hanoverian.org

Class 132 Oldenburg (GOV) – Sponsored by Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society, N.A. division of Verband der Zuchter des Oldenburger pferdes e.V. Horses entered in this class must be recorded with the sponsoring organization and owner(s) must be members in good standing. Information: Sharon Downes 561-797-8063 or gov.ohbs.sharondownes@gmail.com.

Class 133 Highland Pony – Sponsored by Highland registered with Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club of America. Ponies in this class must be registered with the Highland Pony Society and owners must be members in good standing of HPECA. Information: Judy Brescia 540-850-8214 or JudyBrescia95@gmail.com

 Class 134 Purebred Arabian – Sponsored by the Arabian Horse Association and Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association. Horses must be registered as “Purebred” with AHA and owners must be members in good standing. Information: ­Sari Bolnick 610-470-9354 or sabolnick59@gmail.com

Class 135 Half Arabian - Sponsored AHA Region 15 Horses must be registered as Half-Arabian with AHA and owners must be members in good standing. Information: Sari Bolnick 610-470-9354 or sabolnick59@gmail.com

Class 136 Irish Draught – Sponsored by the Irish Draught Society of NA. Horses in this class must be registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society of NA and owners must be members in good standing of IDHSNA. Information: Judy Honey 610-662-4172 or mikepunch19@gmail.com.

Class 137 Morgan – Sponsored by Figment Morgans. Open to all registered horses. Information: Jennifer Valentine 202-450-9303 or info@figmentmorgans.com.

Class 138 KWPN - Sponsored by KWPN-NA. Horses must be on file with KWPN -NA. Owner must be the current owner of record on file with KWPN-NA. Owners must be members in good standing. Information: Kelley Stanchon 859-225-5331. Kelley@kwpn-na.org

Class 139 Danish Warmblood- Sponsored by Serendipity Farm. Open to all Danish Warmblood horses. Info: Nancy Radtke: 717-645-0840 or nradtke572000@aol.com.

Class 140 Shagya Arabian – Sponsored by Friends of the Shagya. Open to all registered horses. Info: Adrienne Morella 610-715-3001 or amorella77@yahoo.com.

Class 141 Friesian – Sponsored by Iron Spring Farm. Open to FHANA/KFPS registered horses. Info: Meghan 610-383-4717 or info@ironspringfarm.com.

Class 142 Westfalen – Sponsored by Westfalen Verband. Open to all registered horses and ponies Info: Ann Daum 605-669-2200 or office@westfalen-na.com.

Class 143 Trakehner – Sponsored by Trakehner Association NA. Open to all Trakehner horses. Info: : Emily Hadden-Morris 412-370-2323 or poseidon2010@icloud.com

Class 144 Appaloosa – Sponsored by Emily Haddon-Morris, Carrie Torre-Darnley and Karen Torre. Open to all Appaloosa horses. Info: Emily Hadden-Morris 412-370-2323 or poseidon2010@icloud.com

Class 145 American Saddlebred – Sponsored by Friends of the American Saddlebred and American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation. Open to all Saddlebred and Half-Saddlebred horses. Information: Laura Jumpp 978-430-4970 or LJumpp@ymail.com.

New Sponsorship Opportunities
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Be a Part of the Dressage at Devon Experience!
Experience Marketing is marketing that capitalizes on emotions created by a visit to a special place or activity. Dressage at Devon (DAD) is not just a horse show. It's an event.

This year, DAD has developed new categories of sponsorship to fit every budget, from Best Turned Out to the Welcome Party, Presenting Sponsor and Title Sponsorship. Customization of packages is possible.

For more information, please visit sponsorship or contact Jimmie Schramm at Jimmie@athletux.com or 214-544-5729.

Passage into
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As a non-profit, we have always operated on a very strict budget. And it's no surprise to anyone that times are particularly tough. So we need your help. As Dressage at Devon approaches our 50th year, now is the time to think about preserving the tradition for the next generation.

Please click here and help us to make our show, bigger and better than ever in 2021.
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