October 2021
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Dressage at Devon
September 28-October 3, 2021

ShowPlus Dressage at Devon

It's Saturday!
The Sun is Shining on Dressage at Devon

Here is a quick rundown of this morning's results:

FEI Junior Individual - Sarah Listzman on Brandtofts Sjubell with a 66.618%
FEI Young Rider Individual - Allison Nemeth on Tiko with a 68.872%
FEI CDI 1* Intermediate I - Patrick Tigchelaar on O'Captain with a 70.196%
FEI CDI-Am Intermediate I for Amateur - Lisa Mendell on WSF Krugerrand with a 66.667%
USEF Fourth-2 - Meghan Richards on Kingstown with a 68.421%
FEI Test of Choice - Molly Maloney on Harvest Moon with a 67.647%

During the break, the Silver Moon Vaulters were back to amaze everyone with their gymnastic power on horseback.

And, we can't forget the shopping that Dressage at Devon is famous for. Vendors offering artistic jewelry, tack, clothing and much more lined the walkway. Full shopping bags could be seen everywhere.

We have started a new tradition at Dessage at Devon: Saturday Morning Educational Sessions in the pub: Today Robert Croteau, Equine Nutrition and Sales Manager for Stoltzfus Feed and Supply, presented truly valuable information on what nutrition horses need to be at their best and explaining how our equines digest their food - what can cause problems and what to do about it and why.

Susanne Owen demonstrated how yoga can help riders maintain their fitness and help themselves and their horse perform to their best. And she had all the attendees up and moving!
The afternoon schedule included :

FEI Intermedite 1* (CDI3*) Small Tour A was won by Patrick Tigchelaar on O'Captain with a score of 70.196
FEI Intermediate A (CDI3*) was won by Allison Kavey on Citha's Utopia with a score of 63.471.
FEI Intermediate A (CD13*) was won by Lisa Mendell on WSF Krugerand with a score of 65.897
FEI YR Grand Prix 16-25 (CDIU25) USEF Qualifier was won by Vanessa Creech-Terauds on Fleur di Lis L with a score of 65.897.

Saturday Night!
Of course Saturday at Dressage at Devon means the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix Freestyle. There is a lot of history behind the ring. Susanne Hamilton smiles when she says "The Dixon is special. In this stadium the crowd is engaged." For younger horses, the atmosphere can be intimidating but, says Susanne, they can learn to love it. The horses have to trust their rider - it's a true partnership. I love the Dixon everytime and my horse will learn to love it too!"
The results are in!

The Grand Prix Special was won by Diane Creech (pictured below) on Cjrevos Christo (Chrevi's Cavallo/Chrevi's la VI by Matador), with a score of 69.659. Christo Chrevi is a Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Diane Creech and Louise Leatherdale and was bred by Vivian and Chresten Kristensen, from Gedsted (DEN).
Michael Bragdell on Qredit Hilltop (Quaterback/Dream Rubina by Dream of Glory) (pictured below) won the blue in the FEI Grand Pix Freestyle* (CDIW) with a score of 72.995, a personal best score for Michael. Qredit is owned by Hilltop Farm and was bred by Judy Yancey.y Yancey

Some Parting Remarks from the Winners

We had the chance to chat with the top three winners from the Grand Prix Freestyle and the winner of the Grand Prix Special. Here are just a few of their comments:

  • It's always fun when you do the freestyle and I love being here.
  • Michael has a playlist he listens to prior to every ride - it's flexible but the Beastie Boys tends to be a constant!
  • The first time my horse heard the music, he said this is it!
  • I had so much fun riding him tonight!
  • Diane Creech and her daughter Vanessa won 6 blue ribbons this weekend.
  • This was my first CDI ever and I was thrilled to do it here at Dressage at Devon
  • Horses are so hunbling - when we're done we just go back to work
  • We are grateful for Devon putting this together in a difficult year.
  • Dressage at Devon is unique - it almost resembles (the shows) in Europe; I think it's the history too
  • Everyone is so supportive here. It happens at other shows but not like here!
  • The engagement of the audience is unique.
  • What's next for tonight? The horses!

If you can't make it to the show, be sure to watch it live at:
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