Easter 3 2021  
Resurrections continue! Christ is alive let freedom ring!
You beloved, are witnesses of these things! 
Witness describes both a person and an action. Over these last months, we have much to witness about and for. Of course, we have always had a lot to witness about and for. This Easter we pray, Lord open our lips and our mouth and our life will show forth our praise.

To the disciples, the friends of Jesus, he relied on them to let others know about the resurrection. God relies on us to be active in our work for the kingdom of God. The kingdom known for worth, dignity, respect, and honor of every person.

First, we witness to ourselves and then we witness to the world. Witness in Greek is the same word as martyr.  That To be a sign for, a symbol of or at least be willing to.

 As Episcopalians, I understand our tendency to witness comfortably, from our pew, from our checkbooks.  Likely that’s because when we think witness we think about folks going door to door telling all who will listen about the good news. That understanding limits our experience of being a witness. 

 God calls us to see with new eyes, to touch and see that Christ is risen, alive. So that we might assist God with the fulfillment of the kingdom. Remembering and recognizing our siblings who still left out of the conversations, are still denied food, medical attention, education, housing, dignity, and respect. We are called to be martyrs for love. To demonstrate with all we have and all we are, that same love in thought word, and deed.

Witness in ways that increase compassion. That increases kindness, gentleness, and patience. Witness in ways that increase justice. Witness the love of God for all God’s people. We will with God’s help witness to that, we remember that we live out the words of our baptismal covenant seeking and serving with our witness.

Rev. Alison +