Are we there yet? 
How is your Lenten practice going ?
We are halfway to Easter. But then Lent and our attitude about Lent is really not something we can really measure.
Anyone who as ever traveled with small or possible even bigger people has heard the question. Are we there yet? How much longer until we get where we are going?
Outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant once I saw a sign. It read, ‘Getting there is half the fun.’ How does that relate to your Lent? On a journey that has been longer than any of us anticipated.

Are we even close? 
So after we reframe our experience and for a minute agree, it’s about the journey not the destination!
On the journey we practice walking, staying on the path or maybe choosing to take a detour. On the way we practice listening to God and to each other. Each day we practice hopefulness and believing in something outside of our own head outside of our own experience. 
Our journey through Lent, our journey in the wilderness may coincide with the prescribed Lenten time frame. Or it may not. For those of us experiencing ‘ground hog day’ moments it’s been a lengthy period of penitence.

Taking few minutes every day to be grateful is a how we walk.  Taking a few minutes to pray for those on our prayer list is how we listen. In continuing the journey in hopefulness we are changed. Yes, I love getting to where I going. I love when a plan I’ve hatched is realized. But this Lent, this Easter I’m learning to be more content with the walk.

How about you?
In some ways our Gospel from John is all about the journey. Following the way of the cross knowing the outcome is salvation.  May it be so for each of us.

Rev. Alison +