Easter 2 2021
Let us practice resurrection,
pray, live, and love for 50 days.  
Yes, we can!
More than just words beloved, these are actions!  Christ is risen from the dead and as an Easter people, we are to be active in looking for signs of resurrection. Not as a test, but to affirm our faith. To be witnesses to God’s mighty love for us and not only us, for all humanity.

I pray that this 50 days of love you will let us know how you practice resurrection. Is it a renewed prayer practice, or sharing kindness with your neighbors, or maybe it is things you have yet to consider. Maybe for this week just repeating, ‘Alleluia, Christ is risen, the Lord is risen indeed, alleluia!

If you want please send us your plans, your thoughts, your ideas on practicing resurrection.  Alleluia Christ is risen, the lord is risen indeed, alleluia   …. or as Leonard Cohen sings it!

Rev. Alison +