Palm Sunday
Still no parade for us, well, maybe next year?
Even without a parade, without a procession, we will gather together and tell the story of Jesus coming to Jerusalem on a donkey.

I always think about Jesus Christ Superstar 

Hosanna, Heysanna, Sanna Sanna
Hosanna Heysanna Hosanna
Hey J.C., J.C,
Won't you smile at me
Sanna Hey Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my Holy Week habits, besides attending a lot of church, I watch, again, Jesus Christ Superstar. I sing all the songs loudly at the television. Much like our other Holy Week experiences, the ones we repeat year after year with all the props – the palms, the songs, the liturgies, yes by now I know the story but my expectations are frequently for a different outcome.

Palm Sunday is the story from the entry into Jerusalem through the crucifixion. It’s a Sunday of contradictory emotions, of triumph and disgrace, of joy and sorrow, of love and denial. This Sunday the liturgy of the Palms and the Passion is prerecorded. Complete with the Blessing of the Palms, the retelling of the Passion, and a Eucharist.

Which brings me back around to Hosanna, heysanna from Jesus Christ Superstar. You might want to listen to the song or read the words or sing along, loudly.

Palm Sunday forces me to consider again, all the unmet expectations of life. My own and those others have/had for me. Expectations of others are always tricky; whether in marriage or with our kids, or at work, or in any relationship. The only way to lessen the difference between what we think ought to happen and what others think or imagine or hope for, is for us to talk about it. Conversation with others that is out loud, in person, and often, helps to mitigate the tensions that can arise from unmet expectations.

Yes, even then, we can be deaf to the person[s] doing the talking and vice versa. I think that’s exactly why God blesses humanity with the wonderful gifts of compassion, humility, and humor. These gifts help us sit between the expectations we have and all our unfulfilled or unmet outcomes.

So Palm Sunday – lots of expectations, very few of them met – again demonstrating that God’s plan is rarely how we think it ought to be, but it does open up the possibility for more conversation.

Come by the church this Saturday 3/27 from 10-12 
This may well be, beloved, our last bag handout. As ever so cautiously anticipate and work toward a return to church.
So come to the upper parking lot
  • get your palms,
  • pick up communion for Palm Sunday and Easter, 
  • receive some devotional info for the upcoming Great 50 days of Easter

give $ for Easter offerings for music, for flowers, for outreach.

AND in these last few days of Lent continue to pray, fast, and give. 
Put more coins in your Episcopal Relief and Development alms box, come to Lessons in Lent this week and pray the psalms. Consider again from what you might like to refrain in these waning days of penitence. Then set aside time each evening in Holy Week {March 29 – April 2} at 7 pm to read the psalms and hear the scripture as together we walk again the way of the cross.
Spend time with your joy and your sorrow, the highs, and lows of this year, of this Lent, of our experience with Jesus, of our travels on the road to the cross, and maybe even our unmet expectations.

Rev. Alison +
Holy Week & Easter

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