Let the healing begin …
It started with Peter’s mother-in-law and continued throughout the night. They brought the blind, the lame, the leper to Jesus for healing.  
What needs healing in our world? How do we begin to reexamine our infirmities? Yes, we probably have a variety of physical ailments. Some spiritual, some psychological, some social complaints and maladies. And our earth needs healing too. So, it is also true that much of the healing needed today is big, systemic, and institutional. 

There is good news. It all begins in one place with soul healing, and soul healing comes in one way. No pill, no tonic, no incantation.  

Soul healing comes with prayer.  

I hope that’s not too disappointing. Luckily, there is a formula and a super modest one. I recognize that praying is the simplest thing to agree to and the most difficult. 

Prayer begins with the acknowledgment that we are not God. Never knowing where God will lead. Prayer begins as we adopt an attitude of gratitude, accepting that God is present and active in our world. Our work is to stay connected with God and then God will do the work. I believe in the power of God to heal and save as we see beautifully illustrated in Sunday’s Gospel proclamation.  

Yes, beloved, you are, we are strong, resilient, capable folks, however the spiritual life, the soul work, that is called for to heal our world, comes from God. 

Take a minute or 15 today to be grateful. Take a few more minutes to examine your day, to remember the moments when the kingdom of heaven came near, maybe then take a few more minutes just in silence. Need a bit of support, let me know.  
Recently I began playing my ukulele again. Maybe playing the ukulele is too strong a word, I've begun practicing the ukulele. I’m no prodigy for sure. But there is something in the practice of a skill that I’m not good at. It is humbling in a good way. It is so good to remember that we all can begin again, every day.  

Healing and prayer are connected. These conversations with God are vital to the work of healing. And the healing of this world is important, therefore, let us pray. We begin the practice knowing there is no mastery of prayer. There is always just the practice. 


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