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Our trials don't last.


Mt 27:57-61


Jesus had six trials !

1. Annas - JH 18:12-14

2. Caiaphas - MT 26:57-68

3. Sanhidrin - MT 27:1-2



Then Jesus had civil trials.


4. Pilate - LK 22:66 23:7

5. Herod - LK 23:8-12

6. Pilate - LK 23:13-15


V27-57 Joseph of Armiathia - was present when everyone scattered he stood strong..



Seeing the injustice he speakers up, just like Jesus not only does Jesus speak up but he shows up to defend us.



Joseph came out of the closet of being a secret disciple due to the trials he was facing to get Jesus back..



To come out!



1. To be free.. A liberty comes on you to do his will, nothing can stop you.

2. Forgive - Jesus forgave and so should we.

3. Favored - v:58

Order the body to be given to him, and it was..



Trial take you from the back ground to being up front and learning to stand even if you stand alone..




Jesus touched them noe they touch and heal and bless others. That's what we been called to do.


John 19:39 Nicodemus joined Joseph to prepare the body for burial .. This is the one that came by night he shows up during the day..



Joy comes in the morning.


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