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Benefits of a generous giver..


Luke 6:38


When participating in giving it makes you more like God.

John 3:16


Every time you give you grow more godly..


1. Giving enlarges our heart ~ it pleases God.

Always keep a open hand policy, never grip things to tight.. (God can break the grip)


2. Giving break materialism, in our lives..

*To want, want, want.

I Tim 6:17-19

(we can have material things, they just can't have us)


3. Giving strengthens our faith.

It helps us to grow in all aspects of life.


4. Giving brings happiness to our lives..

It feels good to give..


Are you a giver or a taker.


Our dependency is not on man but on God..



Pastor Jesse

Victory Outreach Church of Dallas


















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