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A model for growth


Act 11:19-23


V:19 the persecution caused the Christian to scatter, this is how he would get the gospel around the world to all people.


1. They we're carriers of the gospel..

2. They presented it to who they came in contact with.

3. Churches were born through this persecution.




V:21 the lord takes pleasure when we turn the attacks of Satan back on him..

He reveals himself to us by being with us in these trying times of our lives..


V:22 this kind of growth get the attention of all, it's a true revival.


V:23 it's when your church experiences people coming to see what they heard.


1. They see for themselves what they heard is true..

2. Gods presence is evident in the church..

3. Leaders are being raised up and putting there hands to the plow.


V:24 Barnabas .. Was the leader of leaders..


His name means ~ encourager and that's what he did he lived up to his name.

So should we to see our ministries and churches grow.

the key is encourage those who are weak, and see them reach there full potential.



Pastor Jesse

Victory Outreach Church of Dallas







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