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Phil 3:12-13   "Is this generation ready" 


Paul writes from a prison cell, we know he wrote 4 books from prison, Eph, Col, Philemon, & Philippians.


This Epistle deals with the Christian experience at the level on which all believers should be living..


It is not at a level on which all of are at!!

But it is where God wants us to be.


V: 12 is a description of who holds you!

"Took hold" means apprehended Me, to take into custody, to arrest you, to capture you.


Why most Christians are not apprehended by the lord or his call, is because they are apprehensive which means, suspicious and fearful of the unknown..


V: 12 Paul says "I have not attained:

To achieve or obtained all there is to know about God.


V: 13 so the key is this ~ "I strain for what is ahead.


Or I follow after ~ he may never be perfect but he can mature in Christ, paul knew he did not arrive but this never stopped him or slowed him down.

He pushing forward, and so should you and I.


V:13 he says I may of not apprehended the fullness of all that Jesus is..


Remember Paul was a spiritual Giant in the eyes of the Philippians.

He wanted them to know he may of not captured the whole revelation but was willing to stick it out and get as much as possible..


Are you willing to stick it out and get as much as possible..


V:10 on Thursdays devotion ~ "that I may know him" (;€ Stay Tune ...


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